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Episode 119 – May the Forefathers Be With You

Our forefathers couldn’t have imagined many things – like TV, Viagra, highways, video games, automatic assault rifles, gay marriage, Podcasts and Women who wear pants. Also, 706,000 people living in Washington D.C., all of whom pay federal taxes – meaning they are taxed without representation. Does that term sound familiar? Perhaps you came across it in second grade during a social studies lesson or maybe in your high school government class, maybe a Ken Burns documentary on PBS, or Hamilton – But you’ve heard it, we all have.

Tonight we talk about what our forefathers couldn’t have imagined, why D.C. needs statehood, what the fuck is wrong with anti-vaxers, heard immunity and lots of other stuff – you know how we roll.

Gratitudes to the Curio crew, our flawed founding fathers, the 706,000 unrepresented taxpayers in Washington DC, Cassie the master mixologist, David Rose, Ziggy, Vespa, and all the people who are kind, compassionate and not Ted Cruz.

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