Episode 119 – May the Forefathers Be With You

Our forefathers couldn’t have imagined many things – like TV, Viagra, highways, video games, automatic assault rifles, gay marriage, Podcasts and Women who wear pants. Also, 706,000 people living in Washington D.C., all of whom pay federal taxes – meaning they are taxed without representation. Does that term sound familiar? Perhaps you came across it in second grade during a social studies lesson or maybe in your high school government class, maybe a Ken Burns documentary on PBS, or Hamilton – But you’ve heard it, we all have.

Tonight we talk about what our forefathers couldn’t have imagined, why D.C. needs statehood, what the fuck is wrong with anti-vaxers, heard immunity and lots of other stuff – you know how we roll.

Gratitudes to the Curio crew, our flawed founding fathers, the 706,000 unrepresented taxpayers in Washington DC, Cassie the master mixologist, David Rose, Ziggy, Vespa, and all the people who are kind, compassionate and not Ted Cruz.

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Episode 117 – All This Science I Don’t Understand

An odd lyric wedged itself into wee, young Cassie’s psyche many years ago and tonight she confronts it. Tonight we unravel Rocket Man.

Naturally, it’s not about solving a single mystery – we want to know all of the things. So, we go back in time and imagine what it was like when space travel was new; how it affected our collective concept of identity as Americans and humans. The notion of going into space during its inception must’ve been wildly exciting but quite different from our experience as earthbound explorers, at least in our accessible past. So many unknowns infused with faith in the wares of the human intellect. It occurs to me now what a great leap it truly was for human kind, both in engineering and for the astronauts, the willingness to put one’s life in jeopardy for the benefit of exploration; to go where no one has gone before – space, the darkest, loneliest, terra-less place imaginable.

Just as we have amazingly skilled scientists and mathematicians we also have artists of the same caliber, those who have the ability to distill emotion into concrete expression through the senses. What better way to explore the landscape of science-fueled evolution than with it’s bohemian sister, music?

Gratitudes for all the risk taking adventurers, space cowgirls, rocket men, big brained folks, and artists. For Doug, Cass, and Quinn – and our stellar listeners. Thank you!!

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Episode 116 – Wicker Dolls and Cheese Wheels

What a magical time of year! Spring is celebrated though out the world in as many diverse ways as cultures allow. Kim tells the story of Ostara and Cass shares some first hand stories of her own. What does spring have to do with cheese wheels, egg-laying bunnies, and drowning straw dolls? Tune in and find out! We also share some seed hoarding tips and So Cal garden tricks and Cass’s newest cocktail creation we call Well Done Cass.

Big thanks to Doug who takes great care with the mics, Quinn and the Altadena Hotel for the amazing theme music, Cass, the edit master and cocktail lama. For the bloggo and our wonderful listeners, cheers to YOU!!

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Episode 115 – Women’s History – Lee Miller

A model and photographer in early to mid century America and Europe, Lee Miller broke rules and challenged norms. Described as “difficult”, she was anything but the submissive, domestic-minded female ideal of her time; she was adventurous, intelligent, bold and feral. She embraced a notable community of artists where her talents and spirit were celebrated and encouraged, affording her the opportunities to practice photography with fearlessness and great affect. She is primarily considered a documentary photographer because of her work during the end of World War II but the images she created, even those of the most heinous actions of man, edged into the realm of fine art. Her vision of the world and herself are evident in all her work and in the life she lived; a life built on authenticity, realism, and a multifaceted vision of beauty. She was an amazing artist and woman – there is simply too much to say about her here, see the links below to learn more.

We also chat about the patriarchal system women are subject to, participate in and fight against. How do we break the loop?

Gratitudes to all the women fighting, struggling, nurturing, and finding their way. May we all encourage strength in each other and the hope we share for an equitable future. For the Curio contributors who make our chats possible – our very own community of artists whose talent and support fortify not only the podcast, but us as women with endless curiosity.

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Episode 114 – Grief, A Love Story

Loosing a loved one is deeply personal yet universal; how we manage that loss is yet another conundrum. This has been a year of exceptional loss under the most challenging circumstances our generation has yet to see. Despite the myriad of societal divisions we currently face, grief can be a vehicle for connection, compassion and understanding; in grief we are not alone – even though grief is one of the loneliest places in the heart.

Tonight Beck and her daughter Abi join us to share memories of Donna. Mother to Beck, grandmother to Abi, loving wife to Mark and mentor to Cass and Kim. Donna left us recently and in her wake she leaves a legacy – in her daughters, grandchildren and everyone she loved. She was kind and generous, honest, forthright, funny, curious, loving and truly a force of nature. A bodyworker, homemaker and a wild, nurturing woman with an enormous heart. Sassy, fierce and braless. Her gifts are our charge now, a daunting responsibility and honor; if only she were here to see us. We miss her, more than words can say.

Mad gratitudes for the Curio cast, for love and even for grief ; may peace and comfort prevail. For Donna and her crazy bad-ass self. For you and all of those who have gone before us.

Love abounds.


Episode 113 -Dig This!

It’s open mic night at Porch Swing Studio, dig? Kim’s old man Paul joins us with cookin’ percussion while the Curio chicks recite some wild poetry and noodle out some big ideas. Fall into our beat galaxy, we’ll blow your mind.

Last week Lawrence Ferlinghetti checked out of hotel earth. He was the owner of City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco and a cornerstone of the beatnik generation. He published Ginsburg’s Howl and gave a concrete platform to Kerouac, Burrows, and many others. The Beats were firmly antiestablishment as many counter cultures are; they challenged the norms in mid-century America and were waylayers to the social renaissance of the 1960’s. Their ideals continue to resonate today but how do we translate beatsville into modern times? How would Ginsburg or Burroughs dissect modern American society? What does counter culture look like now that popular culture seems so fractured and undefined? Are truth and facts now the outlaws challenging the convention of non-conformity? Dylan said, “To live outside the law you must be honest.” Maybe art is honesty, maybe the only true freedoms we have reside in our minds; an infinite landscape of ideas waiting to come to fruition. We have questions (don’t we always?).

We lost another treasure this week, Donna, Becks mom. She was a curious nonconformist. A kind, fierce, honest, forthright force of nature. She gave us gifts of her spirit and taught us more than we know. She, like the beats leave a rich legacy; her granddaughter wrote a poem for her and graciously shared it with us for this episode. Kim wrote one for her too, juxtaposed with Cassie’s sculptures.

So get out of nadaville and turn up the stereo for some crazy wordsmithery, dig?

Gratitudes to all the lamas: Quinn for the stellar tunes, Doug the master of mics, Cass for the cuts, Paulie for the percussion, Kim for the bloggo and our tribe of Curio listeners, we love you!

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Ceramic Sculptures by Cass

Episode 112 – Eww, Ted, EWWW.

Who goes on vacation to Mexico when his constituents are freezing in their homes with no power or water? Who loves country music but can’t name any country music artists? Who has a whiney voice, an empty sack, poo poo in his pants, watches blowfish porn during congressional hearings and looks like a hotdog dipped in pubic hair? Find out while we play Two Truths and a Lie and give “it” a tarot card reading with Cards Against Humanity. With whine and wine, a touch of anger and disgust, and a raging buttload of laughter.

Also, the awesomeness of Schitt’s Creek, and how Ted Cruz isn’t worthy of being a skid mark on Dan Levy’s 10 year old discarded shoes. We love you Dan Levy, sorry for using your name in the same sentence with “It’s” name.

Thank you Quinn for the wonderful music, Doug for the mic mojo, Cass for editing and her cutting wit laced with holy juju.

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Episode 111 – Gang of Crones (The Menapocolypse is Coming)

Omg, we’re getting old! Yay, We’re getting old! So many conflicting feelings. Tonight we talk about the hormonal rollercoaster in menopause land.

There isn’t a whole lot of information out there about “The Change”, it isn’t well researched and former generations simply didn’t talk about it. It wasn’t polite conversation, even between mothers and daughters. WTF?

Well, we aren’t polite when it comes a to our bodies. We want to know how they work and what to expect as the crone time approaches. We want you to know too.

Gratitudes to all the amazing Curio contributors – and all the crones who have gone before us. We love you all!!

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Episode 110 – Wacky and Obsolete Laws

Wow, it feels sooooo good to be released from the clutches of daily Trumpian dumpster fires. Suddenly there seems to be an expanse of mental space with room to wander. So, weirdo laws – why not?!

Where can you legally take road kill home for dinner? When do cotton blend underpants affect your experience in the afterlife? Monkeys can’t smoke cigarettes in some states, but in other states it’s perfectly acceptable. What about the marijuana? What would PETA think?

And then the not-so-funny ones. Interracial marriage was a federal crime until 1968. Gay marriage until 2015. Has society unraveled into a wicked state of Gomorrah because folks with different skin tones or congruent genders now have legal civil unions? No, of course not. Have we dodged the dictator bullet because radicalized right-wing extremists with nonexistent critical thinking skills, soiled ethics and haphazard morality are too stupid to execute an insurrection? Yes. Will there consequences? We’ll see.

It’s time for better laws, and more importantly, enforcing the the ones that really matter. Gonna make supper from rancid road kill? Maybe education is more appropriate than a law. Gonna preach conspiracy theories and incite violence that leaves 5 people dead because your fragile ego can’t handle loosing? Well, it seems to me that’s the kind of shit laws are made for.

Yes, the GD motherfucker crept in to that lovely open space. You can sweep all the corners after a dust storm, but the broom is still dirty.

Thanks to Quinn and Doug and Cass and Ziggy and Vespa and me and you and good laws – and the bad ones because they remind us what’s worth fighting for, and what isn’t.

Just leave the road kill alone, K? Call Fish and Game then have some Top Ramen and watch Netflix. No need to render armadillos for dinner.

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We Have a Podcast Named CURIO, Bitches!

Because we’re curious bitches, that’s why.

This week we talk about curiosity. What are the benefits of curiosity? How does it shape our identity? What part does American culture play in fostering curiosity? How does curiosity create unity and connection?

We started this podcast because we wanted to share conversation and ideas. We wanted to engage in meaningful discourse and share it, imperfections and an all. To me, Curio is a safe place where curiosity and ideas can roam free, where opinions can be shared and challenged and even changed. How else can we evolve and learn? Every episode is evidence of our journey, not only as friends, but as citizens and humans. There is no perfection here, no easy answers; just the desire to learn – fearlessly, together.

Gratitudes to Quinn and Altadena Hotel / Lon Lon for the musical offering. For Doug, who with great care manages the mics and studio, for Cass, my dear friend and accomplice who edits and thinks big thoughts, and reminded me tonight to thank myself, which is a challenge at best – and our listeners – thank you.


Remember: even if you’re a dickaren, curio podcast is curious about the prospect of loving you. We’ll try if you do.