Episode 68 – The Venn Diagram of Fear in Politics and Religion, a Love letter..

Awe, sounds so romantic, huh? A ménage a trois of evil functionality. It works for the greedy and depraved but everyone else gets screwed.

Fear is an age old device used to control people. It’s a simple, wildly effective tool and politicians, people in power and religious leaders use it so very, very skillfully. We are taught to be afraid of eternal hell fire, the wrath of god, other nations, cultures, religions, politicians, political parties, windmills, pit bulls, strangers, genders, etc.

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Episode 67 – #FEAR!

So, what are you afraid of?

The dark? Snakes? Heights? Rats? Shady politicians with inflated egos, bad hair and a penchant for lying?

There’s plenty to be afraid of, right? Maybe not. This week we dive into the deep waters of fear and learn a few things about this innate yet learned emotional response. One of the cool things about fear is that it’s done a great job keeping humans alive for thousands of years. One of the not so cool things is that as our society advances and our habitat becomes more and more technically appointed and congested, our fear response has gone off the rails. Oh, hello anxiety.

Fear effects our body in profound ways and although it might keep us alive in a moment of danger, prolonged or frequent fear response does bad things to our bodies and brains. With a little self awareness and some healthy habits we can beat fear and help keep our bodies and brains on track.

We talk about evolution, common phobias, pheromones, emotional contagion, telomeres, the Hell Bridge of Long Beach, death, Marie Antoinette, meditation, fluorescent lights, and the ol’ “guinea pig in the freezer” trick. I know, it’s a lot but don’t be afraid, join us as we laugh in fear’s face. Muuhhaaaahaaaa!

Also, fuck you, spiders.

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Episode 66 – Cheers!

We’re baaaaaaaack!

Cass and Kim share about their adventures. It was a nice break from the political poop storm in America but we talk about that too.

The world is a big place, it’s essential to our mental and emotional wellbeing to explore it. Different cultures and expectations of behavior remind us that the U.S. is NOT the greatest show on earth but merely a piece of the biggest puzzle imaginable – humanity. Traveling is a lesson in humility and grace; noticing differences while also acknowledging the commonalities we share and finding the sweet spot in between, a place where we can appreciate connection fostered by difference. What a freaking gift. It’s hard to come home though. All that wonder and adventure seems like a sweet, distant dream when confronted with the ho hum doldrums do everyday life. BUT the wonder doesn’t go away. In fact, it festers like a beautiful boil filled with wanderlust and a heart desire to go – which we will undoubtedly do again.

Join us while we drink the cocktail of wanderlust!


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Episode 65 – The Impeachment of an American Turd Blossom

Impeachment is on our minds and in our hearts. It has captured our attention like a Fourth of July sparkler in the deepest, darkest pit of night. We gaze at it starry eyed and giddy, clutching our chests with a longing so fierce it makes us heave with deep breaths and swoon like schoolgirls at John Mayer concert. Oh, impeachment, we dream of you in hopeful slumber and in our news riddled waking moments.

So we do what we do – learn about it, research it and talk about it. Cass digs into the history and Kim inspects the mechanism. After we asses the facts we go big and talk about the reasons for our infatuation. Again, what is going wrong in our country and society. Has our constitution out played itself? Are Americans in the midst of a spiritual crisis? It feels like the integrity of our nation (humanity?) is degrading before our eyes, basic human decency cast aside for the bedazzled false prophets of feigned civility. Although in all honesty, Trump and his infected crew of  crud nuggets don’t even try to feign civility; they kick it to the curb while popping pustules of disease on the American stage. So. Gross.

But still we hope, starry eyed and giddy for the good to rise, for that sparkler to explode into justice.

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Episode 64 – Curdles of Narcissism

Narcissistic personality disorder is a term overused these days but why? Has it become so prevalent in American society that its truly an epidemic? Is it just a popular catch phrase to describe an inflated ego? Or has it become the personality quirk de jour in current times?

We researched the clinical definition and common symptoms and it seems that President Trump is the poster child for NPD. Of course we’re not experts, we have no PhD’s or formal training BUT it’s pretty obvious when you dig around a bit. It’s frightening to think that the leader of the free world suffers from such a destructive disease; one that truly inhibits his ability to have compassion, empathy, humility and critical thinking skills. He seems to see no boundaries between his identity and that ours out nation, demands loyalty at all costs and lies incessantly to shelter his fragile ego and image.

So, Bad Libs. What better way to quell our fear?!

It was hard to make these up, trying to work with a 6 year old’s vocabulary was excruciating. Even though we have the best words, probably the best in the state, maybe the country…most people don’t know how good our words are its so sad the people – they don’t know but we do you do too but I don’t know. It’s terrific, the words. So many and really…they are great. Many beautiful words that they don’t understand. When I was talking to the people, incredibly smart people, very smart from all over they said, how do you do that, make the worlds so beautiful, it’s a gift and only you have it. I told them, I said I have a very, very, VERY high IQ. They said, you’re a genius and they meant it. It was amazing…they wanted my words. They wanted to make a deal but I said, you know, It won’t be good I don’t think it will be good so I left. They wanted me back but I didn’t go. The Fake News will tell you so many lies. They don’t know the truth but your favorite president does, president Trump. It sounds great to hear that, Right? The biggest crowds the best people hear that and what do they think, so many wonderful things – they love me. Don’t listen to anyone else, they lie all the time about things they…they sound like….they don’t understand. I do, the truth is what I’m good at and many other things….so many. It’s what I do…where ever I am and let me tell you the crowds are huge, record breaking…I can’t even tell you…it’s many more than you could ever imagine. Really…the best. So, many great.. So Many Beautiful Words.

You get the drift.

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Episode 63 – Fun With Catastrophizing

Beck is with us tonight and she brought her daughter Abi!

We’ve known Beck since high school and she’s always been the voice of reason, always pragmatic and logical never indulging in the murky waters of what ifs and maybes, but her daughter – not so much. Abi and Kim seem to suffer from catastrophic thinking, a bona fide psychological disorder characterized by well, catastrophic thinking. Every worst case scenario imaginable has occurred to these two, from nuclear war to the possible implications of a sore throat. Meningitis, aliens, inside out underwear. There’s always an opportunity to think the worst.

Cass and Uti Patootie challenge Abi and Kim to imagine the worst then Beck offers common sense solutions in hopes to quell our fears. There is really no arguing with the Princess of Pragmatism, but we try.

Abi shares a wealth of information about the earth’s magnetic poles,  gives us a peek into her own brand of anxiety and advocates for mental health awareness.

Kim shares some coping mechanisms, stories are told and the worst of the worst is maybe not that bad after all.

Beck shares a very practical way for all of us to keep the anxiety monkeys at bay – stay away from the news.

One thing’s for certain, no matter what reality or our imaginations conjure – Good, supportive friends (and moms) keep us safe, in SO many ways.

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Episode 62 – Cultural Observations with Digger parts 1 & 2

We hunker down with our good friend Digger to hear stories of his ramblings throughout the world. He’s been roaming the earth for years with a backpack and surfboard, kicking  conformity to the curb devouring different cultures (and questionable cuisines) while living a life envious to some yet unfathomable to others. No resort hotels or fancy cruise lines in his itinerary; hard travel is forte. He has relinquished the comforts of domesticated life for the treasures of adventure and has never looked back.

So. Many. Stories. He tells us how he met his wife, Yesti, his first hitchhiking experience, traveling down the amazon in a cargo boat, fights, thievery, waves, missed flights and some of the characters he’s encountered along the way.

It becomes apparent that rough travel and experiencing other cultures has had a lasting impact on Digger. He embodies a level of openness and acceptance that reminds us of something incredibly important – we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Thanks for spending the evening with us, Digger and cheers to many adventures ahead. Travel safe, feral friend!

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