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Episode 120 – Keepin’ it Real

Beck joins us tonight for a little chit chat about keepin’ it real. We all have different likes and dislikes, and intrinsic needs – so why do we try to weasel ourselves into some preformed cookie cutter of acceptable existence? It may have been the dysfunction d’jour of our younger selves but now that we’ve hit level Crone the whole facade is glaringly ridiculous. We’ve reached a point in our lives where we’ve realized saying what we think others’ want to hear for the sake of acceptance is simply not an option. Why? Because we just don’t fucking care what other people think. No more cookie cutters. No more inflated, glitter infested, “perfect” social media lives. No more competition or shaming, no more bullshit. The reality of our lives – all of our lives – is perfectly imperfect and rough around the edges; somehow absolutely unique, yet universally relatable. The common ground for connection lies in acceptance, both for ourselves and others.

Thank you Cass for your great skillfull editing skills, Doug for the magnificent, ever-evolving studio, Quinn and Altadena Hotel for the killer tunes, Beck for ALWAYS keepin’ it real, me for the bloggo and our giant-minded listeners; we love you!!

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