Episode 61 – The Giving Trees


Man, we love trees. BIG time.

Cass did a whole bunch of research about Forest Bathing and found out some totally trippy stuff. It turns out, spending time in the forest has a whole host of benefits for mind and body. A mindful walk in the forest can bring down blood pressure, fight depression and cause your body to make t-cells. Also, it’s pretty, smells good and it’s quiet.

Join us while we stroll through this forest of a conversation, wild and free, outside of the conversation box like silly little Pine Siskins chattering about in the treetops. Nature infuses this episode with rabbit holes, wood pecker holes, mole holes, if you know what I mean.

Check out the Ted Talk, and go out in the forest, in what ever order you wish but get your butt out in the forest, you wont regret it.



Episode 60 – Hope is a Four Letter Word, a Journey with Wine and Cake

it’s been a devastating week. Multiple mass shootings and an ICE raid. Our government is as inept as a an impotent stag, kicking rocks into a blinding storm of atrocities laced with “thoughts and prayers”. It’s hard to have hope when faced with so much sadness and grief. It’s like Americans are engaged in a unseen civil war perpetuated by the powers that be. Trump and his band of evil minions dig deeper into the mire flinging the spoils of their rank efforts into the population emboldening those who would bring their vile vision to fruition. We are being destroyed from within. Trump touts his wall as a device of safety from the “rapists and murderers” from the southern boarder while American born while nationalists commit hate crimes almost daily. Our constitution is on the chopping block. What can we do?

We can be kind. Smart. Inquisitive. Compassionate. We can acknowledge strangers in public. Smile. Care fore each other. There is good in the world and we all have the capacity to nurture it, to BE it. We must crack open the darkness and be the light we desire to see in others. We can move forward with the wisdom of those who have gone before use and cultivate the fertile ground of peace. it’s hard, but we can do it. We really can; day by day, moment to moment. We owe it to ourselves and the future.

Cass made an amazing chocolate cake for my birthday and gave me a gift of homemade pottery. She gave me her time and skills and in those, LOVE. We all have time and skills to share even with strangers and especially with those we love. Even when hope feels like a four letter word.

Gratitudes for Cass and everyone who sows the seeds of kindness.

It’s a choice dontchaknow.

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Episode 59 – Everything is Stupid

Beck joins us for an old lady bitchfest. We started out with the idea of Stupid Things and that worked out – for a minute. Stupid drivers, Grocery store stupids, stupid periods, stupid meat salesmen and then…stupid presidents. Stupid Speaker of the House, stupid senators, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

After tumblers of homemade vodka limeade coolers one might even say we get a little stupid ourselves.

Catch us here and judge for your selves ; )


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Episode 58 – Art Women

Gettin’ artsy-fartsy, Curio style.

This week we delve into women in art, how they have been depicted throughout history and women artists – wait – artists who are also women. We bounce around a bit finally landing in a discussion about art in general, how art has shaped society and by whom, what our favorite pieces are and the feelings that arise when we are in the presence of a them. Looking at one of Van Gogh’s paintings up close and seeing his brush strokes invokes a feeling of connection that’s hard to put our fingers on. It’s invigorating and quite curios, like standing next to him, time and space becomes trite, fading to the back ground, bokeh in our souls.

What is a masterpiece anyway? A work made with mad skills? A work infused with emotion and hoobidy-doobididy juju? Does that Juju translate to the viewer in a way we cannot comprehend?

We explore the possibility of a female artist infused past and how our present day would be different. If women had been able to depict other women in paintings during the Renaissance would our world be different now? Certainly. How women have been seen by the artist and the viewer reverberates into the future which leads us to the question, (yes ANOTHER question) Does the artist dictate the ideal or does the ideal lead the artist?

Botticelli’s Venus, Manet’s Musee d’Orsay, Titan’s Venus of Urbino, they’ve touched humanity, but how?

Editing by Cass

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Episode 57 – Moscow Don-keys

Cass made Moscow Mules, and very well!

Drinks were in order because it’s been a hell of a week in Trump’s box of turds. We discuss the events unfolding in America with disdain and disbelief. It just doesn’t seem like the bar can be lowered any further but alas, it does. America is  plummeting to the depths of hell; propelled by greed and this week especially, lust. It’s like this administration has a daily checklist of the seven deadly sins, each participant gleefully adopting one and checking it off the GOP to do list with a vomit colored crayon. Each time accompanied by cheers from their supporters.

We pick topics from Utie Patootie and choose a couple of our own. Here’s a rundown of topics tonight, in no particular order:

  • Trump administration begins enforcing “abortion” gag rule. No federal funding for planned parenthood. Pulling funds for sexual health services, STD screening, birth control, Pap tests, etc. Abortion services were never federally funded, btw.
  • U.S. House of Representatives voted today to condemn Trump for racist comments toward AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley.
  • Rodger Stone was back in court for violating his gag order – again. A wrist slap was issued.
  • The Trump administration unveiled a new plan to bar all immigrants from applying for asylum at the southern border if they had traveled there through another county.
  • Trump introduced his Merit Based Immigration Bill to congress.
  • Kellyanne Conway defied a subpoena on Monday to appear at a congressional hearing regarding allegations of her Hatch Act violations.
  • Pence visits detention centers in Texas and played down over-crowding and neglect.
  • Migrant Kids report sexual, mental and physical abuse and neglect at the Yuma AZ border patrol facility.
  • Jeffrey Epstein is facing more charges of human trafficking and sexual abuses of under age girls.
  • Trump’s kindergarten-style notes at the podium.


Check out theweeklylist.org to stay up to date on the seemingly endless ways this administration is attempting to dismantle our democracy.

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Episode 56 – Between the Songs – Woody Guthrie

“One day we’ll find out that all of our songs are just notes of one big song!” – Woody Guthrie

We set out to learn more about ol’ Woody but as it sometimes happens, we’ve learned that there is still so much more to learn. What we do know – what we understand is that he harnessed the spirit of America in song. I use the word understand because understanding him and his work requires more than just the details of his life, history, and accomplishments. Understanding denotes feeling or sensing his purpose. His spirit is in harmony with what we believe is the American spirit. The need to be free; in body, mind, soul and expression.

His lyrics are crystal clear, accessible to the masses but the inspiration from which they came are multifaceted and deep within our collective experience as human beings. There are few words, if any, to accurately describe his contribution to our world. We see many parallels between his times and ours; his mind and ours. The compulsion to speak up for those who have been marginalized, to seek justice for our fellow man. The desire for all of us to lead productive, happy lives. The innate human need to be free. Woody crafted these ideals into song and shared them with all who would listen and as Cass points out, sometimes we aren’t ready to hear what wisdom offers – but when the time comes, its like a freight train. It heads up the track with rumbles and roars changing our view with streaks of steam and hard crafted steel, every cell in our body vibrating anew ever so slightly, but enough to know there is something else, something better. Something deep in our hearts greater than fear or sorrow or remorse.


We stand next to the train in this episode. Give Woody a listen, maybe you’re ready for what he has to say, hopefully we all are.

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Episode 54 – Don’t Kill My Neurogenesis!


“You’re Killing brain cells!” They told us. “You’ll never get them back!” They said. Well, we did kill some brain cells in our youth but we now know that we can grow more and probably were growing more back then and we can still grow more today. YAY!!! 

Scientists once believed that Neurogenesis only occurred in utero but new studies have revealed that humans, in fact all mammals, are capable of growing brand spankin’ new brain neurons throughout our lives. Some activities promote this process, others inhibit it. This week the Curios explore ways we can change our brains for the better or worse depending on our habits.

Diet is a big player across the board, which isn’t much of a surprise. Red wine, chocolate, blueberries, whole grains and crunchy foods stimulate brain growth as well as aerobic exercise, especially running. Oh, how we wish we were runners! But when we are sedentary, eat poorly and consume too much alcohol, neurons begin to wither and don’t regenerate. So, get out there and run, meditate, drink a little red wine, have some chocolate and grow some new neurons!

We also talk about new research regarding psychedelics and Neurogenesis – it comes to light that all those brain cell killing activities in our 20’s may not have been so bad after all.

Tune in to our latest and find out how to sow those neuro seeds.


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