Episode 49 – Sister Suffragette

First, let me introduce you to our new cocktail, Suffragette Wine:

1 part sparkling red wine

2 parts (or maybe 3) Sapphire Gin

Serve in a champagne flute or tumbler, depending on your level of commitment. it’s kinda like the holy sacrament, but for suffregettes; blood sweat and tears.

This week the Cuirios learn about the women’s sufferage movement and boy howdy are we PISSED – and enormously grateful.

At the beginning of the 20th century the fight for the women’s right to vote ramped up into a well organized movement that spanned the country. As women became more educated and their wee little domestic worlds expanded into grand ideals encompassing human rights, equality and respect for all. Women were thought of as property, physically abused and systematically oppressed (spoiler, we still are) FUCK!

Cass tells us about Janette Rankin, a fierce passivist, suffragist and the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate. Also, the ONLY woman to vote for the women’s right to vote. We would’ve totally joined her commune.

Kim shares what she learned about Alice Paul, a wicked smart, punk rock bad ass suffragette, who learned a few things from her muck-raking suffregete sisters in England.

Find out the status of the ERA – hint: we can still make it happen. Join us while we marvel  at the new oppressive laws surfacing today in America. Witness our bared ankles, our romanace with polls, our penchant for drinking and our unlady-like language skills. Soon you will find us loitering in ice cream parlors and maybe, just maybe, hurling rocks through store windows. Figuratively, of course.

We worked it out, but we’re still pissed.

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Episode 48 – The Emperor Has No Corn, A Discussion About Magical Thinking

Suits of invisibility. Deities who grant cars to the pious. Omens. Tarot cards. Rituals. Cancer causing windmills.

This week the Curios explore magical thinking. It’s not just about finding ways of explaining the unexplainable or forsaking the truth for convenience. It has a lot to do with brain chemistry and how to keep society in line.

Cass digs into the brain science of it all, exploring magical thinking in adults who suffer from a range of emotional and mental eccentricities. Jean Piaget coined the term magical thinking in relation to children who typically outgrow that stage of development at about age seven. In adults, it is usually referred to in cases of OCD but as we find out it can manifest in bipolar, depression, and anxiety. Thanks, dopamine.

Kim tackles the social implications of magical thinking; how it is used by politicians and religious leaders to create order and control. Historically is seems to ebb and flow as the need arises and undoubtedly is keenly linked to fear in conjunction with a hierarchical way of thinking. I know, it sounds very rabbit-holey, but bear with us while we hash it out, it’s quite fascinating!

Ziggy’s got the spring fever – he chimes in while seeking treats and romantic liaisons with Vespa.

Cass tells a childhood story.

Tarot cards are consulted.

Singing is sung.

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Episode 47 – Bad Libs, Version: Infinity

This week we unpack the recent political events in a most innocuous way – with Bad Libs.

Our anxiety levels are high. Hoping for some semblance of hope after the Mueller Report was released, we’ve been dashed to the rocks. More turmoil, more insanity, more subpoenas. It’s too much. A little comedic relief is in order.

Captain Bananas has had busy fingers these last 24 hours; his tweets have become harbingers of insanity and have illustrated his hopes of becoming a bona fide authoritarian dictator. Which isn’t far off – he exemplifies a phallus ruling an army of spud-brained followers. What are they thinking? How could any American embrace his blatant lies and ill conceived ideas in the 21st century? Are we going back in time? Have we forsaken the treasures of the past in lieu of greed and ignorance in the present?

Kim brought her trusty Tarot deck of yore and we picked cards for ourselves and Spud Master T. Cass picks the Emperor, Kim picks the eight of wands and the card we picked for Trump was the five of pentacles. POVERTY. Which is what his doctored up tax returns just might reveal. A poor, old, hamberder eating liar. With bad hair and no soul. Champion of the potato brained. Czar of monkey butts. A morally impoverished ruler of tubers, multiplying his lies in the fertile soil of desperation.

Also, please get your measles vaccine. It’s not going to hurt you, well, it will for a second, but it will be worth it in the long run. For everyone, we promise.

Music by Quinn.

Editing by Cass.

Dog sounds by Ziggy.


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Expectations – A Case Study

Oh, my. It’s been a while.

I went to the nursery today. Along with bookstores it is a place I experience raw greed. My eyes widen, my body rife with an energy that is somehow calm and invigorated at the same time. I want all the plants. ALL OF THEM. It is a place where I am surrounded by growth and promise, evidence of the life cycle, a concrete reminder of time and those I love. Yes, I see the ones I love in plants.

The begonias my grandmother teded to, the giant dahlias Cass grew so many years ago. The tomato plants my father plants every year. Julie’s roses. My son’s love for strawberry plants, the succulents Lou became enamored with. Faye’s beautiful clivia (always more lovely than mine ; ), the  pansies lining my aunt’s front walk at Eastertime. I see them all, yet, I never see ME.

It has recently become clear that I routinely overlook my self and my own needs. I put other’s perceived needs first in any given situation, something deeply ingrained In my subconscious. A couple of days ago my husband reminded me to “put your oxygen mask on FIRST”. Sound advice for someone who knows where their oxygen mask is. I’m trying to find mine but it’s buried under a mountain of unrealistic expectations. Somehow, deep in my psyche I’ve come to believe that I am responsible for other’s happiness, that I am in charge of making things happen for them. It’s a recipe for disappointment and failure. Two things I’ve internalized and become comfortable with. I expect to fail, yet I continue trying, thus fulfilling my own dysfunctional prophesy. It’s comfortable, predicatable and gives me a sense of control in a weird, backwards way and it serves no one, especially me.

During our last podcast Cat sat with her spindle transforming a fluffy tuft of wool into finely twisted yarn; her hands working with skill and rhythm, her words echoing the same. She spoke of  incremental learning with joy and hope, her excitement was contagious. I heard her. It’s time to change my expectations of my self and others. It’s time to learn and grow (isn’t it always?!).

I enjoy writing this blog. Sitting down for an hour or two revisiting our Curio session helps me transform our conversation into something else – just as cat transforms the fluffy tufts into skeins of yarn that will then be transformed again. But the old expectations take hold and despite myself, I put the writing aside for the promise of comfortable dysfunction. It’s time to knock that shit off. It’s time to release the old expectations.

Cass mentioned a while back that I always have lemon verbena in my yard. Next time I’m at the nursery I’ll look for it – and see me.

Growing, learning, changing.

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Episode 41 – We’ve got the Pink Tax Blues

I know what you’re thinking, this is about tampons and pads.


This is about a myriad of products and services; from laxatives to interest rates, women pay more.

Cass throws down some hard facts and data about just how much more we pay for the same goods and services than men do in conjunction with the fact that women are typically paid LESS for the same jobs. This is a systematic spider web of inequality and we suspect it’s woven by the predominantly male ‘decision makers” in our economy.

Why? Is it the assumption that men won’t pay higher prices for certain goods? Is it male privilege? Are women considered to be more vain (because we are broadly taught that our looks are our greatest asset) and will pay more for say, shampoo, deodorant, hair dye, clothes? Are we a greater liability to insurers and loan peddlers because we have uteruses and compromised paychecks? Why do insurance companies cover Viagra but have the choice to deny birth control? W.T.F?!!!

Kim did some post podcast research into gender neutral personal care products and discovered that they are even MORE expensive. What the actual f-word? Marketers spend an enormous amount of money and time studying what sells and to whom and why. It is their job to promote products for the highest profit. It’s what they do. They are concerned with trends, demographics and product loyalty. They count on us to incorporate what we buy into our sense of identity. We live in an age where we are defined as consumers before anything else, and what we consume becomes the vision of ourselves in society.

The good news is, we have a voice and it sound like the beep of a store scanner. We can teach our girls to bust out of the pastel pink box of inequality women have come to believe define them and speak with our dollars. Just For Men beard dye – it works for eyebrows too. Men’s deodorant works better, so why not use it? Razors are razors. Baby girls don’t care what color their toys are, buy them the blue one it will be less expensive. Let them pick their clothes, steer clear of gender defining ANYTHING. Resist consumer manipulation. Pay attention instead of paying more.

Challenge the system, be a honey badger instead of an ostrich. Know who you are and not who they want you to be.

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Episode 40 – Battle of the Scandals

Many comparisons have been made between the Watergate scandal and the shenanigans of the Trump administration and his family. We can’t even think of a pithy catchphrase for the evil clown circus of greed and corruption that currently defines the Executive branch of American government.  Trump gate? The Fake President Scandal? The Witchhunt Regatta? The Corruption Puppets of Putin? Such a great opportunity for wordsmithing but when it comes down to it, Trump’s social, financial and ethical “faux pas” are so numerous they infect every aspect of his presidency and family. There seems to be no possible way to condense his heinous-ness into some cheeky catchphrase – except maybe Shitshow 45, and that just wouldn’t be embraced by the media.

Nanny joins us to discuss the similarities and differences between Watergate and Shitshow 45 (I’m just gonna roll with it). She was a young mother in the early 70’s and her her perspective is quite fascinating. Remember folks, there was no internet back then, all news came from newspapers and the nightly news which aside from the tabloid rags were very much credible. No social media, no real-time tweets or commentary. Just   real journalists with real ethics.

One thing Nanny said that gave me hope was that she remembered the country recovering quickly from the watergate scandal. The U.S. was in a a tumultuous period in her young history. The social landscape was rapidly changing from the bland grasslands of conformity of the 1950’s to the dynamic peaks and valleys of social justice of the late mid century. The complacency of the grasslands were being challenged by the lofty ideals of equality, fairness, and accountability.  We may be beginning the cycle again as SS 45 unsheathes the tender underbelly of the greedy beast we call government. Hopefully we can recover as quickly as we did in the 70’s but in the age of “information” that remains to be seen, only time will tell.

Nixon looks like a bumbling, paranoid yokel compared to SS 45. They both shared the drive and ethical wasteland of pompous self concept but Nixon lacked the sense of entitlement that keeps SS 45 firmly lodged in his swamp of delusion. Like narcissus, he stares at his reflection in the mire believing the mountaintop is his own without ever treading beyond the illusion.

Also, he’s an idiot. At least Nixon TRIED to hide his crime. SS 45 tweets them, for all to see – at least those who have their eyes open.

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