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Episode 121 – Tic Tacs in the Sky

The manuscript

Tonight we have a special guest, Doug!!

After the recent 60 Minutes piece about the pentagon’s acknowledgement of unidentified aerial phenomena we thought we’d muck around in the idea of extraterrestrial visitors.

Humans have been seeing things in the sky well before Jesus showed up. The Sumerians told stories of gods coming to earth from the sky, the Egyptians, romans – heck, most creation stories involve sky gods. These stories have been told and recorded for millennia but now we have the capability to capture unusual occurrences with photos, video, radar, etc. , which makes them much harder to ignore or keep secret. Doug talks about the MJ-12 tapes by Milton William Cooper, who, some say, built the foundation for todays robust conspiracy movement, QAnon.

So, that’s curious, huh? Just as Q fades from the limelight, suddenly footage AEPs are leaked and the pentagon starts declassifying information. What the hell is going on?

Join us here, and find out! (Just kidding, we have no idea what’s going on)

Thanks to the whole host of Curio contributors and especially our listeners, you’re out of this world ; )


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