Episode: 69 Nanoseconds

It’s been a week since the debate and all kinds of crazy shit has hit the fan; most notably Trump got the COVID. The details are predictably murky; where and when he contracted it, who else has been exposed and how sick he actually is. Trump announced last Friday on twitter that he and Melania tested positive. Since then it’s been a cascade of cabinet members, advisors and journalists.

Initially folks thought he was lying – it seemed too convenient. He could bail out of the remaining debates, deflect attention from his taxes, the recording of Melania talking shit about refugees and Christmas and what ever else noxious bullshit is waiting in the wings to embellish the portrait of our treasonous failure of a con-man-as-president.

So, a Bad Lib with Beck and Abi, crystal ball psychedelics, some chit chat and a song. A beautiful song, a cappella a la Abi. Damn, that girl can sing. Hope is lurking in the shadows.

Big Gratitudes to the usual cast of characters, especially Cass who throws down some serious editing skills and time for this podcast!!

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