Episode 17 – Traditions and Legacies

Cass and Kim are joined by Nancy and Cat to discuss the idea of legacy. What do we pass on to society and do we have a responsibility to do so? Ancestry, weaving, spinning and making things are mulled over. The connections we make when we learn from and teach others, gifts that manifest in handiwork as well as in our hearts. We had so much fun with Cat and Nancy. Thanks for coming to the show!

Music provided by Quinn and his talented musical cohorts.

  • Another Year by Altadena Hotel
  • Rare Temorian Spices by Still Dripping
  • Reservation by Lon Lon

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Episode 16 – Our Top Five Favorite Songs of All Time???


Well, our top five favorite songs of some of the time. Our friend Beck joins us to talk about some of our favorite songs. We discuss each other’s picks and defend our own choices  This was WAY harder than we thought it would be but we skirted Analysis Paralysis like pros and pulled out some some great music. Silliness happens, way less singing than there should’ve been, and of course, lots of laughing between old friends. Also, Cass’s post-migraine brain bruise gives us the Melon Colony, a mystical land we are sure to explore at a future date.

You can follow along with with our picks on Apple Music and Spotify,  both called Curio Favorites. Also we’d love to hear from you – drop us a line or post your favorite songs on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Episode 15 – Families Belong Together and Free

An update on the immigrant children crisis. At the time of this recording, we had no idea that the government has almost 13,000 children in detention. The Trump administration is now trying to quietly expand the program, making tent cities larger and their inhumane policies law. The cruelty cannot continue.

Recorded on 9/11/18, we also talk about our memories of 9/11 and the impact of those attacks on our lives and our county.

Episode 14 – Overthinking



The Curios dive into the thinking behind overthinking. We really thought this one out – and we think you’ll like it. From Analysis Paralysis to artistic non-thinking, we ramble through the synapse forest and emerge on the other side with a wee bit of peace. Kim offers several suggestions for organizing and calming the over active mind. Ella starts us off with an original poem, setting the stage for our conversation.

Ella’s Poem

In a new light

The burning calms its waves of tense self sabotage to fight a bigger battle

the one of the 3 pounds of chicken and rice and cinnamon shortbread play in my stomach, it feels like im doing something good

like how when the fire looks too pretty the ice cube on your skin gets you back in your body, you succumb to whatever it is thats eating you and you realize it’s nothing, it’s you

not that you’re nothing but that it’s only an idea of what should and shouldn’t and i remember when i said those got tossed out an open window

it’s just expression now

the window was already open and it didn’t care if it was a book or a body coming through the threshold of it

it’s expression

its delicate play of street theatre, living art, loving embrace, i put my head on your chest

poets are fond of cliches because they make us feel something old and vague and it gives us comfort or pain, depending, to know that somethings are not meant for pages, some things are not meant for words

if i could describe the color gold its the sun on your back and the wind in between your fingers, curling, moving, curling, folding, folding, like origami, paper cranes.

(Editor’s note: Ella’s original poem was written as a single paragraph. With her consent, breaks have been added to allow the reader moments of pause.)

Episode 13 – Ghost Badgers with Road Rage

Join us for a Curio field trip to the old Griffith Park Zoo. Get a taste for Southern California freeway culture as drivers swerve near us, staring at their phones. Yay! The zoo itself was opened in 1912 and closed in 1966 when the new LA Zoo was complete. Now it’s the back drop for a lovely park complete with picnic tables, an expansive lawn and curious children. Our addled imaginations declared it haunted, although we didn’t see any ghost giraffes. If you’er ever in Los Angeles be sure to check out this interesting part of LA history.







Episode 12 – Slanguage

You guys, join the curios on a journey through language, slang, lingo and jargon. Dude! It’s a wicked good time. Ziggy and Vespa make the scene and of course things turn to the wack political situation in ‘Merica today. Also, singing.

Don’t be a square, join our ramble through the linguistic landscape with kaya and the usual band of characters .