Episode 12 – Slanguage

You guys, join the curios on a journey through language, slang, lingo and jargon. Dude! It’s a wicked good time. Ziggy and Vespa make the scene and of course things turn to the wack political situation in ‘Merica today. Also, singing.

Don’t be a square, join our ramble through the linguistic landscape with kaya and the usual band of characters .

Episode 10 – Body Positivity and GenXers

In this episode we work the path to body positivity, with a few #MeToo moments along the way. How does our self image change between adolescence and mid-life? Is it all inevitable? Are we hardwired this way? High heels and push up bras – WHY??? ¬†One thing’s for certain: Compassion, wisdom and confidence will set us all free from the confines of body image and probably make the world a better place too ; )



Episode 9 – Lunch Shelters and Religious Armies

This episode we have a very special guest, Beck. Not Beck of musical fame but a celebrity from our past; a woman who knows herself and her ideals well. We discuss the new Religious Liberty Task Force and religion in relation to authoritarianism. Reminiscing happens, curiosity about our very existence, the Boy Scouts and of course, singing. Also, Vespa chimes in – the newest canine addition to the studio. She’s eager to contribute, licks and all.

Episode 7 – Curio PoTCast Alpha

Attitude adjustments abound and we discuss the federal legality of CBD oil in conjunction with PayPal, as suggested by a listener. The benefits of cannabis products are explored, peppered with silly stories and a fair amount of giggling. Different ways of anxious thinking and what that looks like – literally. A bag of words, dreams of the apocalypse and singing.

Episode 6 – Embarrassing Moment Storytime

We’ve all had them, heart wrenching moments of embarrassment, times we’ve felt so self conscious and isolated it’s as if the fabric of time has unraveled and revealed our ultimate imperfections to the whole world. A first date, a public rap debacle, a period. Another part of being human.

Music provided by one of Quinn’s many bands, Altadena Hotel.