Episode 24 – There’s a Hotdog in Your Bed!

This episode we are joined by Cassie’s sister Kelli. ┬áThe three of us have been friends for a long time and love to laugh together. Listen as we tell drunken stories of old, a chihuahua pukes, and we talk about trombone neck tattoos. We also dip our toes in the pool of self concept and how that changes through out or lives. Oh, and singing. But mostly laughing…

“Oh God, I think I’m too high for this.” – Kelli, circa sometime in the 90’s


Episode 23 – Proto-Fascist Evangelical Conserva-Trumps

…Or Stupid Dumb People DriveTime Edition. Picking people up from LAX airport can be a daunting adventure. Having a friend along for the ride can smooth out the roughness. WE chat about the state if affairs in our country, traveling, driving the freeways and more.

Episode 21 – Pet Peeves

Critiques of generally thoughtless behaviors. We cover mouth sounds, driving annoyances, rudeness and ass-less chaps. Some FaceBook Friends chimed in for this one, so we really had a lot to work with. Thanks to all who shared their pet peeves with us! Join us while we drive slow in the fast lane and forget to use our blinkers while chewing with our mouths open. We promise not to be TOO annoying.

Episode 20 – The PasSpork

After the purchase of a titanium spork and a trip to Walden Pond we contemplate the idea of stuff and our relationship to things. We also talk about Transcendentalism, meditation, politics (VOTE!!!) and travel. Ziggy growls, singing emerges, and a reading by our friend Kaya.

Music credit: The Canyon by Lon Lon


Episode 19 – Creativity-ly

We are joined by Quinn and then Doug to explore the creative process. We explore confidence, the creative spark and collaboration. We reveal our age – again. A tiny bit of singing, Ziggy chimes in, Kim goes by Snickerdoodle, Cass laughs too loud and the universe cracks open.

All music courtesy of Quinn.

The Canyon by Lon Lon

Another Year by Altadena Hotel


Episode 18 – The Rage

We are joined by Nancy and Cat to talk about the rage women are feeling in the current social and political climate. Between #MeToo and #WhyIDidntReport, anyone who has experienced sexual violence has been forced to think about it all over again. Let’s hold each other up, listen and support each other and #BelieveSurvivors.

Musical credits:

  • Killing Me by Lon Lon
  • Another Year by Altadena Hotel