Episode 39 – Collectionizing

*Stamps * Postcards * Handbags * Smurfs * Books * Rocks * Jewelry * Depression Glass * Antiques * Bottle caps * Bras * Coins * Shot Glasses * Cats * Tea Cups * Barbies * Photos * Records * Socks * Manhole covers * Carpet samples * Dust *

Collections are as varied and unique as the collector. The big question is WHY?

This week we are joined by our friends Katy and Mary to talk about collections and collecting. As it happens with friends, we go down rabbit holes, mole holes, pyramid passageways and department store isles. This one goes off the rails a bit!

We set out to discuss the urge to collect and the history of collecting but after we finished, some new ideas surfaced; the urge to collect information, experiences and stories. And, of course, more questions: How do collections shape one’s identity? Is collecting a form of “play”?

Join us on this rambling tour of collections!

Good ol’ wikipedia has this to say about collecting:

“The hobby of collecting includes seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining items that are of interest to an individual collector. Collections differ in a wide variety of respects, most obviously in the nature and scope of the objects contained, but also in purpose, presentation, and so forth. The range of possible subjects for a collection is practically unlimited, and collectors have realised a vast number of these possibilities in practice, although some are much more popular than others.”

Also, Check out Atlas Obscura for some unique collections: https://www.atlasobscura.com/categories/unique-collections

Tell us about YOUR collections and tune in where ever podcasts are….wait for it….. collected ; )


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Episode 38 – Not Slightly Unexciting


Politics + wine + Curios = Episode 38

We had to recover from the previous episode’s deep introspection so we let off some steam in a political bitch fest. We are still in disbelief over the current political climate in the U.S. I mean, seriously – what the actual hell is going on?

Wine, a bull horn, a fart piano and Ziggy help us work out the angst.

Music by Quinn!

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Episode 37 – Threat Level: Midnight

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The Curios continue their journey of self discovery, this time mucking around in self identity. Yikes. Talk about rabbit holes…

This week we attempted to discover who we are. The sum of our deeds? Other’s perceptions? How we process our circumstances? This was a tough one, much more difficult that we thought it would be.

We did some research on identity, created self portraits and filled out a list of questions. There were some surprising discoveries, a touch of mutual admiration and some heart-wrenching moments too.

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Music By Quinn

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Episode 36 – Jungian Archetypes


In this episode we discuss Carl Jung; his contributions to the field of psychology and his theory of the archetypes and the collective unconscious.

As we delve into Jung’s theories, we also explore his archetypes in the media, the ones we identify with and how our quickly changing society may or may not be affected by the collective unconscious. New research suggests that we may inherit psychological and psychic attributes from our ancestors. How does this affect our understanding of ourselves and society? Have our stories been written for us or do we have the ability to transcend the roles we have inherited or adopted from the collective unconscious?

We may have discovered more questions than answers but one thing’s for certain; Michael Scott from The Office is an archetype unto himself – all of them.

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Music courtesy of Quinn


Episode 35 – Let Them Eat Loans

This week the Curios talk about Wilbur Ross and the recent indictment of Roger Stone. Also, Cass peals off a riff that just might become the real, bona fide, Curio theme song.

Stay tuned!

Wilbur suggested that the government workers who had been unpaid for weeks, just go get a loan – an interest bearing loan, that is. We discuss his naked ignorance regarding the reality of the average American worker. Why he believes these unpaid federal employees should pay interest on a loan to compensate for unpaid wages do to the government’s negligence is beyond our comprehension. On the heels of that discussion, we dig into Roger Stone, a staunch supporter of the Republican party from way back. A self proclaimed “dirty trickster” Stone has built his career on the Machiavellian model. He loves the spotlight, admits to nothing, seeks to divide and revels in the rankest muck and mire politics has to offer. He’s also a maniacal Nixon fan, in fact, he has a tattoo of Tricky Dick’s face on his back and a portrait of him above his bed. He is a modern caricature of Mr. Potter, complete with three-piece, pin-stripped suits and top hats, but with an extra dose of evil.  Trump caught his eye in the 1980’s and Stone made it his mission to put him in the white house. His dream came true in 2016 with a little help from the Russians and since he has coached #45 in the ways of dirty politics. Trump has embraced Stone’s unscrupulous ways, even firing him for hogging the spotlight but they still share mutual admiration and Stone is still in witchy-poo’s ear, like a trained monkey flinging sociopathic advice into the rank, empty expanse that is Trump’s mind. While Trump was screaming “Witch Hunt!” on Twitter, his top hat wearing lackey was being arrested and charged with one count of obstruction, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering. Stone is pleading not guilty, as always. Let’s hope the FBI  has the goods to put Stone in his place – a cage.

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Episode 34 – The Blink of an Eye

Beck joins the Curios to discuss being parents for 18 year olds.  What it means in our own personal development as well as the difficulty (or not) of letting go. A little bit of wine and a whole lotta love fill the room. Please subscribe where ever podcasts are corralled.