Episode 85 – Staying Home

This post is terribly tardy. Episode 85 was recorded and posted on April 1st.

The Curios have sheltered in place. Our fine Governor, Gavin Newsom has asked all Californians to stay home so, we recorded over Skype. A quick check in and conversation about how we are handling things. Plenty to handle right now. It was good to see each other again, but weird to not share the same space. It’s quickly becoming clear what matters: routine, hugs, toiler paper.

As I write this on April 8th, it seems like Newsom’s move was spot on. California was the first state to issue stay at home orders and we’ve seen some success, although this is far from over.

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Episode 84 – Fun in the Time of the Coronapocalypse

Happy St. Patricks Day!

This week we crack open a couple of Guinesses and talk about what to do with all the spare time we suddenly have on our hands now that many of us are home form work and school and have been unilaterally relieved of social commitments.

This is a dream come true for introverts but it has also been noted that Gen-X, (the latch-key generation) is well prepared for large swaths of down time. As kids we were on our own after school. No hovering parents, no rigorous extracurricular schedule no inter webs or netflix. We were resourceful and creative when it came to entertainment. So we learned to make unusual snacks, we created unusual ways to make money to buy regular snacks. Pyrotechnics were explored, dares were made and met. Life skills were learned. (I could on and on with this – might be a show unto itself ; )

Anyhoo,  Cass and Kim talk about creative and resourceful ways to whittle away the hours, from themed tea parties to organizing your closet; the possibilities are limitless. No matter how you choose to spend your time, please spend it. Keep your brain and body busy, consume news as needed, but don’t overdo it. Learn something new, text friends, make art, go for a walk, write a letter, organize the freaking tupperware cabinet. Have an existential crisis and recover. Read Bukowski.

We’ve been given a unique opportunity. Seize it.

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BadLib #2 St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Happy St. Partick’s Day! This is one of my favorite holidays and I usually make a big family meal to celebrate but this year will be a little different.

In the face of our current state, I’m starting to realize how many things I’ve taken for granted. Today, I’m reminded of how precious tradition is, for ourselves and community. It’s a device that garnishes our lives with predictability and connection, injecting rhythm into our year; sign posts of reprieve from the monotony of daily life. As we settle into this time of unpredictability, tradition becomes even more precious. Maybe we have been given the opportunity to forge new ones while our appreciation of old traditions deepen. It’s a bittersweet proposition but definitely worth considering.

Please take care of one another, laugh as much as you can, devour the moments as they come. Seek the silver lining and reflect it.

In the meantime, BadLibs.

2 Coronapocalypse BadLib Journal

Coronapocolypse BadLib Journals

There’s a lot of fear and anxiety in the ether right now. We are in the midst of a pandemic. The stock market is crashing. People are twitchy and nothing seems certain anymore.

So, in an attempt to quell the fear and anxiety; if only for a few minutes, we’ll be publishing a daily BadLib for your personal use. Sometimes silly is the best medicine, that’s for certain.

Please take care as you hunker down; the most challenging times may be ahead. Not sure what’s scarier – Covid-19 or being quarantined with our loved ones indefinitely. What ever happens, we’ll get through it together. Remember: Curio Podcast loves you.

Coronapocolypse BadLib #1 – At the Grocery Store:

1 Coronapocalypse BadLib Journal

Episode 84 – She Had a Plan For That

So, Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race. Cass is feeling big feels about the loss of her candidate so she wrote a eulogy for Liz’s campaign. It was a heartfelt good bye, rife with the elements of mourning but also filled with gratitude. How could it not? Liz is a hero still, her dedication and intelligence serve us all whether she commands the Oval Office or not. She still has a place in the senate and we need good folks there – as many as we can muster. Her work is far from done and as she takes a moment to recover from this disappointment I have to imagine she’s got a plan for her next phase of service. She won’t give up and neither will we.

Women don’t give up. We take breaks and then fight again, this is what we’ve done throughout history. It’s exhausting work and sometimes, overwhelming.. It makes room for despair but when we do feel like giving up there’s always a sister within reach to take up the fight while we recoup our own strength to rise again and push forward – UP – to fortify the next downtrodden spirit. In this, women have an unspoken plan which works BEAUTIFULLY. We stand together in unexpected ways, we know how to support one another. (Except Susan Collins – slime can’t stand)

We talk about Covid-19, and the misinformation spewing out of the White House, Toilet paper hoarding, mystical juju gin, delicious lemon cake pudding, and hope. May it spread with the strength of lemons and gin, sans the bitterness.

Cheers to all of our listeners!

Gratitudes to all: Cass, Doug, Quinn, especially

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83 prequel

We are wrapping up our pilgrimage to DC and, as I can only speak for myself (but probably not) there will be much unpacking to do after we get home. I’m not talking about dirty underpants and toiletries but rather the spoils of our journey: hope, resolve and our fortified spirits –  our identity as Americans.

We’ve steeped our spirits in the glorious ideology of America. We’ve devoured what this city has offered us, the institutions and in them our history; the fabric of this nation. It is a patchwork of successes and failures, soiled by atrocities, yet rife with perseverance and crafted with hope. Each person and event a thread connecting us all.

This is our nation and together we will weave the next chapter of America’s story.  May the loom crafted by our forefathers guide us and the precious threads of sacrifice of those who have gone before embolden us to do the next right thing – for ourselves and each other. For our nation.

Dirty underpants be damned.

Episode 82 – Super Waffle Pond Scum Collins

Susan Collins. She’s smashed bananas and mashed potato pond scum, floating around the swamp; sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the middle, wherever the great winds of campaign donors blow her. Is she a spineless waffler or just another greedy GOP Protozoa working the system like a tick gorging on the vile blood of super PACs? Maybe both. Yuuuuuuck.

In other news, soon the Curios will head to Washington DC to revel in the America we know and love. Hopefully we’ll come back rejuvenated and fortified by history and the evidence of all the battles Americans have fought and won. From the first days of our republic to the current state of chaos, Americans have shown the tenacity to persevere and stand up for the ideals this country was founded on.

Keep an eye on our travels on Instagram, FB and Twitter. Send us some good mojo and we promise to bring it back – a thousand fold.

Gratitudes to Doug, Cass and Quinn for their sound prowess and killer music. To everyone of us who’s willing to fight for democracy. And Ziggy. And Vespa. And the maniacal glimmer of hope that shines deadly light on the swamp of rotten potato/banana/Protozoa sludge.

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