Episode 31 – Who Said it, Trump or Hulk Hogan?

We’re back from a short break laugh at the absurdity of that is Donald Trump. In the process, we may be fans of Hulk Hogan! Cass reads some prison pen-pal letters. Wait, what?! Listen in, subscribe, and laugh along with the Curios!

Here’s a little taste of the insanity:

Episode 29 – Empathy part 2, Empathy and Depression

Part Deux in our empathy series. We delve into the correlation between empathy and depression, Curio style.

Is it possible to be overly empathetic? The difference between cognitive and effective empathy is explored. We discuss these two different expressions and how they intersect – or not – with depression and sometimes guilt and shame.

Bonus info about what to say and not say to a depressed person and some tips for those of us who got all the feels, all the time.

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Episode 28 – Empathy, part 1

Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a uniquely human ability. It helps us stay connected to each other. It allows kindness. It encourages compassion. Join us as we begin our Empathy series with some personal stories, a couple of experiments and of course, singing.

Music courtesy of Quinn.

Episode 27 – Field Trip – Jim Carrey Edition

We take a field trip to the Maccarone Gallery in Los Angeles to admire the political art of Jim Carrey. We drive the freeways of L.A., sing, and talk politics with Asha who chimes in just a wee bit. Kim searches for the Sasha Baron Cohen Hanukkah album later to discover, the artist is really his brother Eeron Baron Cohen.

The gallery is tucked away in an industrial part of LA, housed in a beautiful, old brick building. Inside, the white walls stretch to the high ceiling with Carrey’s sketchbook pages progressing along the expansive walls in simple frames. His work is bright and engaging, the subject matter rendered by the mind of a comedian with deep convictions and a stinging wit. He has a lot to say about the disturbing political and social norms emerging in America these days and he says it LOUD.

Check him out on Twitter: Jim Carrey (@Jim Carrey)