Episode 53 – Manliness is a Warm Gun


Happy Birthday Cass!

We celebrate with Nanny, a flourless chocolate cake, some chianti, chocolate wine, and a little chit chat about America’s favorite phallic alternative – guns.

The second amendment was designed to give American citizens the ability to defend their communities from the real dangers of colonial life; invading armies, native people (cringe) and the prospect of a tyrannical government. Oh, how things have changed. Our relationship with guns has morphed into something else we can’t quite put our finger on. Is it identity? The need for power? Protection from…???

As of 2017, roughly 393,347,000 civilian firearms were tallied in the U.S. and those are just the ones that were documented. We have more guns than citizens! Alabama, Alaska and Arizona have the highest number of firearm fatalities and also the most lax gun laws in the country. Federal gun laws are pretty solid but some state’s laws are almost nonexistent (looking at you, Alabama). In these states just about anyone can walk into their local Walmart and pick up a lethal weapon with no background checks, license, registration or training. How can this be?! Mattresses, baby food, pets, and of course women’s bodies are more regulated than guns.

We discuss the social implications of gun ownership, rabbit hole into abortion, religion and the need for humans to feel safe, cared for and valued in the workplace. It all seems to be related in a spiderwebby way.

  • Curio editor extraordinaire and birthday girl – Cass
  • Mic man – Doug
  • Music maker – Quinn
  • Bloginator – Kim

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Episode 55 – Kraft Singles and Wine Go Through Me Like Shit Through a Christmas Elk!


Tonight we digested current events with Bad Libs, a discussion about the immigrant children at the Clint Texas border station and the mind boggling desire to support President Trump. What is happening to our country?! I know, it sounds redundant; a question we’ve been asking for the past two and a half years but still – what is happening to our country?! It feels like.we are descending into the deepest, rankest parts of history and repeating it. The corruption and disregard for human rights are things we thought our country was fighting against but now it seems we are proponents for, or rather the Trump administration is a proponent for. The U.S.A. Is in a downward spiral, no longer a beacon of hope and justice but black hole of destruction and yes, I’ll say it – EVIL. Children treated like animals, an administration hellbent on the degradation of basic human rights, civil rights and unity. When will we need an intervention from foreign governments? Is there any hope?

Of course there is! Humans are made to have hope, too bad our government isn’t – at least not anymore.

We also chat about Trump’s tuxedo and the implied undergarments needed to squeeze him into it and the lifts he wears in his shoes. A little catty, but whatever. 

Singing, laughing and a couple of guests by the name of Tom Collins appear.

  • Master of edits – Cass
  • Master of Mics – Doug
  • Master of Music – Quinn
  • Master of Blogs – Kim


Episode 52 – Postcard Parlor

This week we went off site and gathered with a few Curio celebrities for Postcard Parlor night. Cass brought her mobil mic and captured some of the highlights from our hours long session. We wrote postcards, told stories, drank wine, laughed, hollered a bit and exercised our rights as American citizens. We used our words, and the USPS to share our outrage and also our gratitude to the politicians who still work for America and not just their party and lobbyists.

The Postcard Parlor idea came about from a need to connect and DO something together about the issues we care about. Something amazing happens when people gather in the same space. It’s far too easy to air our grievances on Twitter and FB then walk away and go about the business of daily life, leaving all that angst to fester while we wash the dishes, mow the lawn and pay bills. The satisfaction of a snarky quip on social media quickly dissipates and no ground is gained for the cause. The energy sits and becomes dysfunctional; gnawing away like a loose end screaming to be resolved. But when we come together in groups both large and small, that energy becomes part of a chorus and the scream is transformed into a melodic howl moving through time in space. No longer a dangling fiber of discontent but a unified thread – stronger, more beautiful and crafted with the kind of energy only physical proximity can provide. As Cat worked her spindle transforming an unruly grip of wool into a finely crafted thread, our collective energy wove around the table, strengthening us with connection.

Of course the wine helped too ; )

I am so grateful for these ladies with their big brains and enormous hearts, grateful to share space and ideas with them. It was so much fun!

The word parlor is a bit antiquated, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as,

1: A room used primarily for conversation or the reception of guests : a room in a private dwelling for the entertainment of guests.

We all need more time in the parlor, no matter where it is.

  • Guest fibers: Caitlin, Cat and Mary
  • Edit fiber: Cass
  • Blog fiber: Kim
  • Music fiber: Quinn

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If you get the notion, have a parlor night of your own! You won’t regret it.


Episode 51 – And Now Back To your Regularly Scheduled Programming

This week Beck joins us in a little experiment. We set our screens as aside for 24 hours just to see what it felt like, or rather, remember what it felt like. You see, back in the old days there were no home computers and smart phones. Somehow we got along just fine but now having the world at our fingertips raises the question, is it really the world we hold in our hand or just a grip full of distraction.

We discover how dependent we’ve become on our little devices; from music to recipes, to the time, date, and weather. Our lives are steeped in screendom for good or bad.

We tease out the conundrum of connection in screen land, are we more connected or less? Facebook keeps us in touch with those we would’ve lost touch with years ago, but there’s really no substitute for being face to face, looking each other in the eye and sharing fart pianos together. And the occasional glass of wine or herbal remedy. *wink wink*

In the spirit of togetherness the Curios are planning a Postcard Parlor night where some real live people will gather together in the same room and write postcards to our favorite and not so favorite political players. You’re all invited! We’ll provide snacks, stamps and cards, you just bring your sassy selves and all the bottled up angst you’ve been saving up. We just can’t sit around airing our grievances on Facebook and Twitter anymore. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!

So, join us on June 7 at 7pm, either in person or with your own group of sassy cohorts to draft heartfelt salutations on behalf of our democracy, our sanity and the country we love.

Send us an email and we’ll hook you up with the location. We’d love to share our fart piano with you because….

…..Curio Podcast Loves You!


Edit Master Cass

Musical Genius Quinn

Mic Maestro Doug

Word Wrangler Kim

Episode 50 – CannaBitchfest

Our friend Kathy joins us to untease current events. There is so much going on in the U.S. right now. I know, This could be said every day. We are reaching a boiling point both individually and as a nation. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

Kathy shares some coping mechanisms, not the least of which is keeping our vibrations high – and boy howdy we did our best in this episode. She also recounts a story about some snark she witnessed while shopping, how she worked it out and her plan for combatting small acts of tyranny in her day to day doings.

Rabbit holes are everywhere in this herb-infused Bitchfest. Fortunately Kathy kept a conversation map in her head so we were able to stay on topic – kind of. Cass did some big time editing so this episode has been pared down to an easily digestible 43 min. A concise chunk of our 2.5 hours together.

Some post studio thoughts:

– Keep vibrations high. Put all the good stuff we got into the world. Hope.

– Take a mental break when it all get to be too much.

– Take action. Whether it’s standing up for a stranger, wishing peace and clarity for your adversaries or writing government officials.

-Connect, connect, connect! Be with the people you love and respect, be in their presence, break bread together, canna-nize together – have FUN!

– Don’t forget your coupons when shopping at Blood Bath and Beyond.


Thanks for listening!

Mics – Doug

Editing – Cass

Music – Quinn

Blog- Kim

Episode 49 – Sister Suffragette

First, let me introduce you to our new cocktail, Suffragette Wine:

1 part sparkling red wine

2 parts (or maybe 3) Sapphire Gin

Serve in a champagne flute or tumbler, depending on your level of commitment. it’s kinda like the holy sacrament, but for suffregettes; blood sweat and tears.

This week the Cuirios learn about the women’s sufferage movement and boy howdy are we PISSED – and enormously grateful.

At the beginning of the 20th century the fight for the women’s right to vote ramped up into a well organized movement that spanned the country. As women became more educated and their wee little domestic worlds expanded into grand ideals encompassing human rights, equality and respect for all. Women were thought of as property, physically abused and systematically oppressed (spoiler, we still are) FUCK!

Cass tells us about Janette Rankin, a fierce passivist, suffragist and the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate. Also, the ONLY woman to vote for the women’s right to vote. We would’ve totally joined her commune.

Kim shares what she learned about Alice Paul, a wicked smart, punk rock bad ass suffragette, who learned a few things from her muck-raking suffregete sisters in England.

Find out the status of the ERA – hint: we can still make it happen. Join us while we marvel  at the new oppressive laws surfacing today in America. Witness our bared ankles, our romanace with polls, our penchant for drinking and our unlady-like language skills. Soon you will find us loitering in ice cream parlors and maybe, just maybe, hurling rocks through store windows. Figuratively, of course.

We worked it out, but we’re still pissed.

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Mic wrangler: Doug

Editor Magistrate: Cass

Musical Skills: Quinn

Bloggo: Kim

Propmaster: Cass

Episode 48 – The Emperor Has No Corn, A Discussion About Magical Thinking

Suits of invisibility. Deities who grant cars to the pious. Omens. Tarot cards. Rituals. Cancer causing windmills.

This week the Curios explore magical thinking. It’s not just about finding ways of explaining the unexplainable or forsaking the truth for convenience. It has a lot to do with brain chemistry and how to keep society in line.

Cass digs into the brain science of it all, exploring magical thinking in adults who suffer from a range of emotional and mental eccentricities. Jean Piaget coined the term magical thinking in relation to children who typically outgrow that stage of development at about age seven. In adults, it is usually referred to in cases of OCD but as we find out it can manifest in bipolar, depression, and anxiety. Thanks, dopamine.

Kim tackles the social implications of magical thinking; how it is used by politicians and religious leaders to create order and control. Historically is seems to ebb and flow as the need arises and undoubtedly is keenly linked to fear in conjunction with a hierarchical way of thinking. I know, it sounds very rabbit-holey, but bear with us while we hash it out, it’s quite fascinating!

Ziggy’s got the spring fever – he chimes in while seeking treats and romantic liaisons with Vespa.

Cass tells a childhood story.

Tarot cards are consulted.

Singing is sung.

Join us while we perform our weekly ritual of curiosity and remember:


Music by Quinn, editing by Cass, mic wrangling by Doug, blog by Kim. This podcast doesn’t happen by magic, dontchaknow.