I’ll Take Fun for $100, Alex

Tonight we pay tribute to Alex Trebek and play Celebrity Jeopardy with our host Douglas Trebek. The categories are: The Grateful Dead, J is for Genius, Potpourri, and Ninnywagon.

Thanks to Doug for being such a good sport and doing his best to decipher Kim’s terrible handwriting and flying blind without the questions to our answers.

Thanks to everyone for the love and support!

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Presidenting is a Verb

We unpack the election with Nanny our Buddhist mentor and try to organize our feelings and temper them with compassion. No small feat. We touch on the psychology of MAGAs and antitrumpers along with our own reactions to the aftermath of the election. This episode is a a hopeful journey within and a logical perspective of the outside; which as Nanny reminds us, reflects what we put into the world – from within.

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Gratitudes to all walking the path with us, trying to be better, kinder and wilder. To Cass and Nanny, Doug and Quinn for their talent, skills, and time.


Emoluments Clause, Screw You.


We are one week away from the election and tension is in the air. Trump is emboldened and loosing, which multiplied by reckless desperation, equals vengeful retreat. The mess he leaves in his wake is atrocious. So, the Curios work out some collective anxiety tonight and talk about the disaster the shit gibbon Trump has made and how the hell we’re going to clean it up.

With maniacal fearlessness, strength and a big can of compassionate whoop ass, that’s how bitches. ‘Cause this country was built on the idea of freedom and we will not relinquish it to trump and his corrupt micro penis militia. Fuck that.

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The Chipmunk Handmaid

Tonight we chat about Amy Covid Bryant, Amy Chonies Barknet and Amy Coney Barrett. Who IS she? Why does she get to decide what rights we have and is she going to be a Supreme Court Justice or Americas’s Handmaid? Why a chinchilla and not a cat? Who paid for her nomination?

We talk about all kinds of stuff tonight, from narcissists to seeds, Neanderthals to time travelers – it’s a total gab session with a lovely vodka cocktail a la Cass, chipmunks and a couple of the cutest pups you’ve ever seen.

Oh, and the Spaghetti Monster, which is totally real by the way.

Thanks to all the wonderful people, all the awesome Curio studio folks and our elusive friend hope caught in an eternal battle with anxiety, grandmaster asshole of the universe. Hope always wins, though. Always

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Episode: 69 Nanoseconds

It’s been a week since the debate and all kinds of crazy shit has hit the fan; most notably Trump got the COVID. The details are predictably murky; where and when he contracted it, who else has been exposed and how sick he actually is. Trump announced last Friday on twitter that he and Melania tested positive. Since then it’s been a cascade of cabinet members, advisors and journalists.

Initially folks thought he was lying – it seemed too convenient. He could bail out of the remaining debates, deflect attention from his taxes, the recording of Melania talking shit about refugees and Christmas and what ever else noxious bullshit is waiting in the wings to embellish the portrait of our treasonous failure of a con-man-as-president.

So, a Bad Lib with Beck and Abi, crystal ball psychedelics, some chit chat and a song. A beautiful song, a cappella a la Abi. Damn, that girl can sing. Hope is lurking in the shadows.

Big Gratitudes to the usual cast of characters, especially Cass who throws down some serious editing skills and time for this podcast!!

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Debate Hell

Well, that was a nightmare. How embarrassing that the president of the United States can’t keep his mouth shut for two solid minutes during a debate, can’t resist name calling or bullying. Can’t convey a well thought out idea, can’t display even an ounce of self control. Can’t and won’t denounce white supremacy or a peaceful transition of office. What a disgusting display of white entitlement. What a shit show.

Biden did his level best to stay the course, and deliver what most Americans should expect in a presidential debate. Wallace also showed dignity and focus but Trump, Trump proved himself to be a basic bully – deflecting his failures and talking over both Biden and Wallace in an attempt to capture the attention of the audience while never actually addressing them.

We watched the debate tonight with wine and bingo cards expecting the usual gaffes and blunders but no amount of wine or attempts at fun could dampen Trump’s display of lunacy, racism and cowardly bullying. Most notably his dog whistle to Proud Boys to “Stand back and stand by”.  

The president of the United States has the support of a racist militia and he told them to stand back and stand by. Let that sink in.

“He would see his country burn to the ground if he could be king of the ashes” – Varys, GOT 

Episode coming soon.

Episode 100 – Optical Delusions

Lots to talk about this week. The wheels are falling off the cart of American democracy. I know we keep saying that – like all the time, over and over, so many times, just like Chicken Littles. As we approach the election it feels like the stakes are higher each day, and the prospect of Trump refusing to leave if he loses is a very real concern. His poll numbers are down, his public appearances are becoming more and more awkward. He’s trying desperately to maintain his base by spreading propaganda and aligning himself with white supremacy groups while the corona virus and civil unrest infect our country. He’s scrambling to stack the deck in his favor and succeeding. Join us while we chat about the current debauchery and the conventions.


Episode 96 – You Better Vote Mother F*ckers

In this episode we talk about John Lewis. Lewis passed away on July 17th from pancreatic cancer. He was the last surviving member of the Big Six leaders who organized the march on Washington for civil rights in 1963. He led the march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 across the Edmund Pettus bridge when police attacked the unarmed, peaceful protestors in clouding Rep. Lewis among others. The gravity of his accomplishments are too profound for this post and should be honored with writing skills much better than mine. He was a great man, an inspiration and an asset to our country, to humanity. His work is ours now and there is much more to be done. Every one of us has the opportunity to honor his memory and his work, every one of us can walk with him, fight with him and sit with him. Protest, write letters, stand up for what’s good and right, talk about him and your beliefs practice your rights, cast your ballot.

Get out there and vote, motherfuckers.

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Episode 95 – Nothing’s Normal

The shit tower is becoming too tall to traverse. The tipping point has come and gone. The point of no return is behind us. We’re in it waist deep and no one is going to save us but us.

Shit has gotten so out of control in America, we can’t keep up. Every day is another shit-storm of atrocities. Federal militia arresting peaceful protestors , COVID cases and deaths continue to climb. The EU, Mexico, Canada and the Bahamas have closed their borders to us because we can’t control the disease. Trump continues to insist the virus will “go away”, does not support masks or social distancing and insists we have “good death numbers”. He discredits scientists Last week (the week before? Time is more than fluid right now) a leak from the administration revealed the Russians put a bounty on American soldiers several weeks ago and trump has yet to issue a statement or suggest any course of action against Russia. He continues to lie, hold rallies and tweet falsehoods. He has been seen to be increasingly unwell in public appearances, swaying on his feel, slurring, unable to form cohesive sentences or hold water glasses with one hand. He retweets himself within hours. He’s a mess. He’s making the county a mess. No, he’s destroying the country.

So tonight we hash it out and try to find a course of action while preparing for the worst. Who do we look to for strength? How do we do this? Can we do it? Can we topple the Shit Tower. Yes. We. Can.

Thanks to all the peace-loving, freedom-seeking, fearless shit shovelers out there. Cheers!

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Episode 94: Game Night! Whose Shit is This?

Game night! Who Said it – Barr or Scar, 2 Truths and a Lie and Who’s Shit is This? We also reminisce about the Reagan years when The GOP kicked policy to the curb to embrace power and greed. The endearing gaffes of Dubbya known as Bushisims, Anthony Weiner’s internet escapades; all of which seem like a million years ago. Ah, simpler times.

Yesterday the Supreme Court reeled in favor of anti-discrimination rights for LGBT a big win for sure but trump was suspiciously unconcerned, which is concerning but maybe nothing at all considering his West Point performance. Something is terribly wrong with him besides the obvious. So sad.

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