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Episode 117 – All This Science I Don’t Understand

An odd lyric wedged itself into wee, young Cassie’s psyche many years ago and tonight she confronts it. Tonight we unravel Rocket Man.

Naturally, it’s not about solving a single mystery – we want to know all of the things. So, we go back in time and imagine what it was like when space travel was new; how it affected our collective concept of identity as Americans and humans. The notion of going into space during its inception must’ve been wildly exciting but quite different from our experience as earthbound explorers, at least in our accessible past. So many unknowns infused with faith in the wares of the human intellect. It occurs to me now what a great leap it truly was for human kind, both in engineering and for the astronauts, the willingness to put one’s life in jeopardy for the benefit of exploration; to go where no one has gone before – space, the darkest, loneliest, terra-less place imaginable.

Just as we have amazingly skilled scientists and mathematicians we also have artists of the same caliber, those who have the ability to distill emotion into concrete expression through the senses. What better way to explore the landscape of science-fueled evolution than with it’s bohemian sister, music?

Gratitudes for all the risk taking adventurers, space cowgirls, rocket men, big brained folks, and artists. For Doug, Cass, and Quinn – and our stellar listeners. Thank you!!

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