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Episode 115 – Women’s History – Lee Miller

A model and photographer in early to mid century America and Europe, Lee Miller broke rules and challenged norms. Described as “difficult”, she was anything but the submissive, domestic-minded female ideal of her time; she was adventurous, intelligent, bold and feral. She embraced a notable community of artists where her talents and spirit were celebrated and encouraged, affording her the opportunities to practice photography with fearlessness and great affect. She is primarily considered a documentary photographer because of her work during the end of World War II but the images she created, even those of the most heinous actions of man, edged into the realm of fine art. Her vision of the world and herself are evident in all her work and in the life she lived; a life built on authenticity, realism, and a multifaceted vision of beauty. She was an amazing artist and woman – there is simply too much to say about her here, see the links below to learn more.

We also chat about the patriarchal system women are subject to, participate in and fight against. How do we break the loop?

Gratitudes to all the women fighting, struggling, nurturing, and finding their way. May we all encourage strength in each other and the hope we share for an equitable future. For the Curio contributors who make our chats possible – our very own community of artists whose talent and support fortify not only the podcast, but us as women with endless curiosity.

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More on Lee Miller:


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