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Episode 114 – Grief, A Love Story

Loosing a loved one is deeply personal yet universal; how we manage that loss is yet another conundrum. This has been a year of exceptional loss under the most challenging circumstances our generation has yet to see. Despite the myriad of societal divisions we currently face, grief can be a vehicle for connection, compassion and understanding; in grief we are not alone – even though grief is one of the loneliest places in the heart.

Tonight Beck and her daughter Abi join us to share memories of Donna. Mother to Beck, grandmother to Abi, loving wife to Mark and mentor to Cass and Kim. Donna left us recently and in her wake she leaves a legacy – in her daughters, grandchildren and everyone she loved. She was kind and generous, honest, forthright, funny, curious, loving and truly a force of nature. A bodyworker, homemaker and a wild, nurturing woman with an enormous heart. Sassy, fierce and braless. Her gifts are our charge now, a daunting responsibility and honor; if only she were here to see us. We miss her, more than words can say.

Mad gratitudes for the Curio cast, for love and even for grief ; may peace and comfort prevail. For Donna and her crazy bad-ass self. For you and all of those who have gone before us.

Love abounds.


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