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Episode 113 -Dig This!

It’s open mic night at Porch Swing Studio, dig? Kim’s old man Paul joins us with cookin’ percussion while the Curio chicks recite some wild poetry and noodle out some big ideas. Fall into our beat galaxy, we’ll blow your mind.

Last week Lawrence Ferlinghetti checked out of hotel earth. He was the owner of City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco and a cornerstone of the beatnik generation. He published Ginsburg’s Howl and gave a concrete platform to Kerouac, Burrows, and many others. The Beats were firmly antiestablishment as many counter cultures are; they challenged the norms in mid-century America and were waylayers to the social renaissance of the 1960’s. Their ideals continue to resonate today but how do we translate beatsville into modern times? How would Ginsburg or Burroughs dissect modern American society? What does counter culture look like now that popular culture seems so fractured and undefined? Are truth and facts now the outlaws challenging the convention of non-conformity? Dylan said, “To live outside the law you must be honest.” Maybe art is honesty, maybe the only true freedoms we have reside in our minds; an infinite landscape of ideas waiting to come to fruition. We have questions (don’t we always?).

We lost another treasure this week, Donna, Becks mom. She was a curious nonconformist. A kind, fierce, honest, forthright force of nature. She gave us gifts of her spirit and taught us more than we know. She, like the beats leave a rich legacy; her granddaughter wrote a poem for her and graciously shared it with us for this episode. Kim wrote one for her too, juxtaposed with Cassie’s sculptures.

So get out of nadaville and turn up the stereo for some crazy wordsmithery, dig?

Gratitudes to all the lamas: Quinn for the stellar tunes, Doug the master of mics, Cass for the cuts, Paulie for the percussion, Kim for the bloggo and our tribe of Curio listeners, we love you!

Find us Here, hep cats!!!!

Ceramic Sculptures by Cass

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