Episode 112 – Eww, Ted, EWWW.

Who goes on vacation to Mexico when his constituents are freezing in their homes with no power or water? Who loves country music but can’t name any country music artists? Who has a whiney voice, an empty sack, poo poo in his pants, watches blowfish porn during congressional hearings and looks like a hotdog dipped in pubic hair? Find out while we play Two Truths and a Lie and give “it” a tarot card reading with Cards Against Humanity. With whine and wine, a touch of anger and disgust, and a raging buttload of laughter.

Also, the awesomeness of Schitt’s Creek, and how Ted Cruz isn’t worthy of being a skid mark on Dan Levy’s 10 year old discarded shoes. We love you Dan Levy, sorry for using your name in the same sentence with “It’s” name.

Thank you Quinn for the wonderful music, Doug for the mic mojo, Cass for editing and her cutting wit laced with holy juju.

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