Episode 110 – Wacky and Obsolete Laws

Wow, it feels sooooo good to be released from the clutches of daily Trumpian dumpster fires. Suddenly there seems to be an expanse of mental space with room to wander. So, weirdo laws – why not?!

Where can you legally take road kill home for dinner? When do cotton blend underpants affect your experience in the afterlife? Monkeys can’t smoke cigarettes in some states, but in other states it’s perfectly acceptable. What about the marijuana? What would PETA think?

And then the not-so-funny ones. Interracial marriage was a federal crime until 1968. Gay marriage until 2015. Has society unraveled into a wicked state of Gomorrah because folks with different skin tones or congruent genders now have legal civil unions? No, of course not. Have we dodged the dictator bullet because radicalized right-wing extremists with nonexistent critical thinking skills, soiled ethics and haphazard morality are too stupid to execute an insurrection? Yes. Will there consequences? We’ll see.

It’s time for better laws, and more importantly, enforcing the the ones that really matter. Gonna make supper from rancid road kill? Maybe education is more appropriate than a law. Gonna preach conspiracy theories and incite violence that leaves 5 people dead because your fragile ego can’t handle loosing? Well, it seems to me that’s the kind of shit laws are made for.

Yes, the GD motherfucker crept in to that lovely open space. You can sweep all the corners after a dust storm, but the broom is still dirty.

Thanks to Quinn and Doug and Cass and Ziggy and Vespa and me and you and good laws – and the bad ones because they remind us what’s worth fighting for, and what isn’t.

Just leave the road kill alone, K? Call Fish and Game then have some Top Ramen and watch Netflix. No need to render armadillos for dinner.

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