Episode 80 – Giganstiske Eggstokker!

Tonight we talk about some women what are taking the corona virus by the balls. Maybe taking others by the balls too, assuming they have any.

Cass showcases Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan and Kim talks about the female journalists who have stood firm while facing Trump’s demeaning and condescending remarks. Uti Patootie makes an appearance and births a few other fem gems who have led the way in proactive protection against the novel coronavirus.

Care taking is part of our collective identity for many women. It’s not a difficult decision to focus on the health and well being of people, it seems to be an intrinsic part of our being. Not that men don’t have the same urge but traditionally, it’s been the women who are the primary caretakers for those in need. Unfortunately tradition also dictates that women are “the weaker sex”, that women should be demure and agreeable to the men in charge. But one might argue that our care taking identity is rooted in biology but to be agreeable and demure are attributes forced on us by the “stronger sex”. Well, fuck that shit.

It’s time for women to reclaim the trajectory of society. It is time to topple the rank patriarchy hell bent on destroying the earth for the benefit of their own self serving urges and shortsighted imaginations.

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