Episode 84 – Fun in the Time of the Coronapocalypse

Happy St. Patricks Day!

This week we crack open a couple of Guinesses and talk about what to do with all the spare time we suddenly have on our hands now that many of us are home form work and school and have been unilaterally relieved of social commitments.

This is a dream come true for introverts but it has also been noted that Gen-X, (the latch-key generation) is well prepared for large swaths of down time. As kids we were on our own after school. No hovering parents, no rigorous extracurricular schedule no inter webs or netflix. We were resourceful and creative when it came to entertainment. So we learned to make unusual snacks, we created unusual ways to make money to buy regular snacks. Pyrotechnics were explored, dares were made and met. Life skills were learned. (I could on and on with this – might be a show unto itself ; )

Anyhoo,  Cass and Kim talk about creative and resourceful ways to whittle away the hours, from themed tea parties to organizing your closet; the possibilities are limitless. No matter how you choose to spend your time, please spend it. Keep your brain and body busy, consume news as needed, but don’t overdo it. Learn something new, text friends, make art, go for a walk, write a letter, organize the freaking tupperware cabinet. Have an existential crisis and recover. Read Bukowski.

We’ve been given a unique opportunity. Seize it.

Check it here – we know you’ve got the time ; )



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