Episode 84 – She Had a Plan For That

So, Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race. Cass is feeling big feels about the loss of her candidate so she wrote a eulogy for Liz’s campaign. It was a heartfelt good bye, rife with the elements of mourning but also filled with gratitude. How could it not? Liz is a hero still, her dedication and intelligence serve us all whether she commands the Oval Office or not. She still has a place in the senate and we need good folks there – as many as we can muster. Her work is far from done and as she takes a moment to recover from this disappointment I have to imagine she’s got a plan for her next phase of service. She won’t give up and neither will we.

Women don’t give up. We take breaks and then fight again, this is what we’ve done throughout history. It’s exhausting work and sometimes, overwhelming.. It makes room for despair but when we do feel like giving up there’s always a sister within reach to take up the fight while we recoup our own strength to rise again and push forward – UP – to fortify the next downtrodden spirit. In this, women have an unspoken plan which works BEAUTIFULLY. We stand together in unexpected ways, we know how to support one another. (Except Susan Collins – slime can’t stand)

We talk about Covid-19, and the misinformation spewing out of the White House, Toilet paper hoarding, mystical juju gin, delicious lemon cake pudding, and hope. May it spread with the strength of lemons and gin, sans the bitterness.

Cheers to all of our listeners!

Gratitudes to all: Cass, Doug, Quinn, especially

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