83 prequel

We are wrapping up our pilgrimage to DC and, as I can only speak for myself (but probably not) there will be much unpacking to do after we get home. I’m not talking about dirty underpants and toiletries but rather the spoils of our journey: hope, resolve and our fortified spirits –  our identity as Americans.

We’ve steeped our spirits in the glorious ideology of America. We’ve devoured what this city has offered us, the institutions and in them our history; the fabric of this nation. It is a patchwork of successes and failures, soiled by atrocities, yet rife with perseverance and crafted with hope. Each person and event a thread connecting us all.

This is our nation and together we will weave the next chapter of America’s story.  May the loom crafted by our forefathers guide us and the precious threads of sacrifice of those who have gone before embolden us to do the next right thing – for ourselves and each other. For our nation.

Dirty underpants be damned.

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