Episode 82 – Super Waffle Pond Scum Collins

Susan Collins. She’s smashed bananas and mashed potato pond scum, floating around the swamp; sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the middle, wherever the great winds of campaign donors blow her. Is she a spineless waffler or just another greedy GOP Protozoa working the system like a tick gorging on the vile blood of super PACs? Maybe both. Yuuuuuuck.

In other news, soon the Curios will head to Washington DC to revel in the America we know and love. Hopefully we’ll come back rejuvenated and fortified by history and the evidence of all the battles Americans have fought and won. From the first days of our republic to the current state of chaos, Americans have shown the tenacity to persevere and stand up for the ideals this country was founded on.

Keep an eye on our travels on Instagram, FB and Twitter. Send us some good mojo and we promise to bring it back – a thousand fold.

Gratitudes to Doug, Cass and Quinn for their sound prowess and killer music. To everyone of us who’s willing to fight for democracy. And Ziggy. And Vespa. And the maniacal glimmer of hope that shines deadly light on the swamp of rotten potato/banana/Protozoa sludge.

Find us here:


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