Episode 66 – Cheers!

We’re baaaaaaaack!

Cass and Kim share about their adventures. It was a nice break from the political poop storm in America but we talk about that too.

The world is a big place, it’s essential to our mental and emotional wellbeing to explore it. Different cultures and expectations of behavior remind us that the U.S. is NOT the greatest show on earth but merely a piece of the biggest puzzle imaginable – humanity. Traveling is a lesson in humility and grace; noticing differences while also acknowledging the commonalities we share and finding the sweet spot in between, a place where we can appreciate connection fostered by difference. What a freaking gift. It’s hard to come home though. All that wonder and adventure seems like a sweet, distant dream when confronted with the ho hum doldrums of everyday life. BUT the wonder doesn’t go away. In fact, it festers like a beautiful boil filled with wanderlust and a heart desire to go – which we will undoubtedly do again.

Join us while we drink the cocktail of wanderlust!


Editing – Cass

Music – Quinn

Mics – Doug

Blog – Kim

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