Episode 65 – The Impeachment of an American Turd Blossom

Impeachment is on our minds and in our hearts. It has captured our attention like a Fourth of July sparkler in the deepest, darkest pit of night. We gaze at it starry eyed and giddy, clutching our chests with a longing so fierce it makes us heave with deep breaths and swoon like schoolgirls at John Mayer concert. Oh, impeachment, we dream of you in hopeful slumber and in our news riddled waking moments.

So we do what we do – learn about it, research it and talk about it. Cass digs into the history and Kim inspects the mechanism. After we assess the facts we go big and talk about the reasons for our infatuation. Again, what is going wrong in our country and society. Has our constitution out played itself? Are Americans in the midst of a spiritual crisis? It feels like the integrity of our nation (humanity?) is degrading before our eyes, basic human decency cast aside for the bedazzled false prophets of feigned civility. Although in all honesty, Trump and his infected crew of  crud nuggets don’t even try to feign civility; they kick it to the curb while popping pustules of disease on the American stage. So. Gross.

But still we hope, starry eyed and giddy for the good to rise, for that sparkler to explode into justice.

Catch our convo here –


Editing – Cass

Mics – Doug

Music – Qinn

Blog – Kim

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