Episode 64 – Curdles of Narcissism

Narcissistic personality disorder is a term overused these days but why? Has it become so prevalent in American society that its truly an epidemic? Is it just a popular catch phrase to describe an inflated ego? Or has it become the personality quirk de jour in current times?

We researched the clinical definition and common symptoms and it seems that President Trump is the poster child for NPD. Of course we’re not experts, we have no PhD’s or formal training BUT it’s pretty obvious when you dig around a bit. It’s frightening to think that the leader of the free world suffers from such a destructive disease; one that truly inhibits his ability to have compassion, empathy, humility and critical thinking skills. He seems to see no boundaries between his identity and that of our nation, demands loyalty at all costs and lies incessantly to shelter his fragile ego and image.

So, Bad Libs. What better way to quell our fear?!

It was hard to make these up, trying to work with a 6 year old’s vocabulary was excruciating. Even though we have the best words, probably the best in the state, maybe the country…most people don’t know how good our words are it’s so sad the people – they don’t know but we do you do too but I don’t know. It’s terrific, the words. So many and really…they are great. Many beautiful words that they don’t understand. When I was talking to the people, incredibly smart people, very smart from all over they said, how do you do that, make the worlds so beautiful, it’s a gift and only you have it. I told them, I said I have a very, very, VERY high IQ. They said, you’re a genius and they meant it. It was amazing…they wanted my words. They wanted to make a deal but I said, you know, It won’t be good I don’t think it will be good so I left. They wanted me back but I didn’t go. The Fake News will tell you so many lies. They don’t know the truth but your favorite president does, president Trump. It sounds great to hear that, Right? The biggest crowds the best people hear that and what do they think, so many wonderful things – they love me. Don’t listen to anyone else, they lie all the time about things they…they sound like….they don’t understand. I do, the truth is what I’m good at and many other things….so many. It’s what I do…where ever I am and let me tell you the crowds are huge, record breaking…I can’t even tell you…it’s many more than you could ever imagine. Really…the best. So, many great.. So Many Beautiful Words.

You get the drift.

Check us out where ever you get Very Good, actually the Best Podcasts. Better than anywhere else, better than Sweden. They love me there but their golf courses…eh not the best.

Best Editor – Cass

Fantastic Mics – Doug

Incredible Music – Quinn

Very Big Blog – Kim


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