Episode 63 – Fun With Catastrophizing

Beck is with us tonight and she brought her daughter Abi!

We’ve known Beck since high school and she’s always been the voice of reason, always pragmatic and logical never indulging in the murky waters of what ifs and maybes, but her daughter – not so much. Abi and Kim seem to suffer from catastrophic thinking, a bona fide psychological disorder characterized by well, catastrophic thinking. Every worst case scenario imaginable has occurred to these two, from nuclear war to the possible implications of a sore throat. Meningitis, aliens, inside out underwear. There’s always an opportunity to think the worst.

Cass and Uti Patootie challenge Abi and Kim to imagine the worst then Beck offers common sense solutions in hopes to quell our fears. There is really no arguing with the Princess of Pragmatism, but we try.

Abi shares a wealth of information about the earth’s magnetic poles,  gives us a peek into her own brand of anxiety and advocates for mental health awareness.

Kim shares some coping mechanisms, stories are told and the worst of the worst is maybe not that bad after all.

Beck shares a very practical way for all of us to keep the anxiety monkeys at bay – stay away from the news.

One thing’s for certain, no matter what reality or our imaginations conjure – Good, supportive friends (and moms) keep us safe, in SO many ways.

Find our chit chat here!


Editing – Cass

Mics – Doug

Music Quinn

Blog – Kim



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