Episode 62 – Cultural Observations with Digger parts 1 & 2

We hunker down with our good friend Digger to hear stories of his ramblings throughout the world. He’s been roaming the earth for years with a backpack and surfboard, kicking  conformity to the curb devouring different cultures (and questionable cuisines) while living a life envious to some yet unfathomable to others. No resort hotels or fancy cruise lines in his itinerary; hard travel is forte. He has relinquished the comforts of domesticated life for the treasures of adventure and has never looked back.

So. Many. Stories. He tells us how he met his wife, Yesti, his first hitchhiking experience, traveling down the amazon in a cargo boat, fights, thievery, waves, missed flights and some of the characters he’s encountered along the way.

It becomes apparent that rough travel and experiencing other cultures has had a lasting impact on Digger. He embodies a level of openness and acceptance that reminds us of something incredibly important – we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Thanks for spending the evening with us, Digger and cheers to many adventures ahead. Travel safe, feral friend!

Catch the convo here –


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