Episode 60 – Hope is a Four Letter Word, a Journey with Wine and Cake

it’s been a devastating week. Multiple mass shootings and an ICE raid. Our government is as inept as a an impotent stag, kicking rocks into a blinding storm of atrocities laced with “thoughts and prayers”. It’s hard to have hope when faced with so much sadness and grief. It’s like Americans are engaged in a unseen civil war perpetuated by the powers that be. Trump and his band of evil minions dig deeper into the mire flinging the spoils of their rank efforts into the population emboldening those who would bring their vile vision to fruition. We are being destroyed from within. Trump touts his wall as a device of safety from the “rapists and murderers” from the southern boarder while American born while nationalists commit hate crimes almost daily. Our constitution is on the chopping block. What can we do?

We can be kind. Smart. Inquisitive. Compassionate. We can acknowledge strangers in public. Smile. Care fore each other. There is good in the world and we all have the capacity to nurture it, to BE it. We must crack open the darkness and be the light we desire to see in others. We can move forward with the wisdom of those who have gone before use and cultivate the fertile ground of peace. it’s hard, but we can do it. We really can; day by day, moment to moment. We owe it to ourselves and the future.

Cass made an amazing chocolate cake for my birthday and gave me a gift of homemade pottery. She gave me her time and skills and in those, LOVE. We all have time and skills to share even with strangers and especially with those we love. Even when hope feels like a four letter word.

Gratitudes for Cass and everyone who sows the seeds of kindness.

It’s a choice dontchaknow.

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  • Doug – Mic in chief
  • Quinn – music in chief
  • Kim – blog in chief


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