Episode 58 – Art Women

Gettin’ artsy-fartsy, Curio style.

This week we delve into women in art, how they have been depicted throughout history and women artists – wait – artists who are also women. We bounce around a bit finally landing in a discussion about art in general, how art has shaped society and by whom, what our favorite pieces are and the feelings that arise when we are in the presence of a them. Looking at one of Van Gogh’s paintings up close and seeing his brush strokes invokes a feeling of connection that’s hard to put our fingers on. It’s invigorating and quite curios, like standing next to him, time and space becomes trite, fading to the back ground, bokeh in our souls.

What is a masterpiece anyway? A work made with mad skills? A work infused with emotion and hoobidy-doobididy juju? Does that Juju translate to the viewer in a way we cannot comprehend?

We explore the possibility of a female artist infused past and how our present day would be different. If women had been able to depict other women in paintings during the Renaissance would our world be different now? Certainly. How women have been seen by the artist and the viewer reverberates into the future which leads us to the question, (yes ANOTHER question) Does the artist dictate the ideal or does the ideal lead the artist?

Botticelli’s Venus, Manet’s Musee d’Orsay, Titan’s Venus of Urbino, they’ve touched humanity, but how?

Editing by Cass

Mic’s by Doug

Music by Quinn

Blog by Kim

Find us alllllll here!


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