Episode 57 – Moscow Don-keys

Cass made Moscow Mules, and very well!

Drinks were in order because it’s been a hell of a week in Trump’s box of turds. We discuss the events unfolding in America with disdain and disbelief. It just doesn’t seem like the bar can be lowered any further but alas, it does. America is  plummeting to the depths of hell; propelled by greed and this week especially, lust. It’s like this administration has a daily checklist of the seven deadly sins, each participant gleefully adopting one and checking it off the GOP to do list with a vomit colored crayon. Each time accompanied by cheers from their supporters.

We pick topics from Utie Patootie and choose a couple of our own. Here’s a rundown of topics tonight, in no particular order:

  • Trump administration begins enforcing “abortion” gag rule. No federal funding for planned parenthood. Pulling funds for sexual health services, STD screening, birth control, Pap tests, etc. Abortion services were never federally funded, btw.
  • U.S. House of Representatives voted today to condemn Trump for racist comments toward AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley.
  • Rodger Stone was back in court for violating his gag order – again. A wrist slap was issued.
  • The Trump administration unveiled a new plan to bar all immigrants from applying for asylum at the southern border if they had traveled there through another county.
  • Trump introduced his Merit Based Immigration Bill to congress.
  • Kellyanne Conway defied a subpoena on Monday to appear at a congressional hearing regarding allegations of her Hatch Act violations.
  • Pence visits detention centers in Texas and played down over-crowding and neglect.
  • Migrant Kids report sexual, mental and physical abuse and neglect at the Yuma AZ border patrol facility.
  • Jeffrey Epstein is facing more charges of human trafficking and sexual abuses of under age girls.
  • Trump’s kindergarten-style notes at the podium.


Check out theweeklylist.org to stay up to date on the seemingly endless ways this administration is attempting to dismantle our democracy.

  • Editing – Cass
  • Mics – Doug
  • Music – Quinn
  • Blog – Kim

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