Episode 56 – Between the Songs – Woody Guthrie

“One day we’ll find out that all of our songs are just notes of one big song!” – Woody Guthrie

We set out to learn more about ol’ Woody but as it sometimes happens, we’ve learned that there is still so much more to learn. What we do know – what we understand is that he harnessed the spirit of America in song. I use the word understand because understanding him and his work requires more than just the details of his life, history, and accomplishments. Understanding denotes feeling or sensing his purpose. His spirit is in harmony with what we believe is the American spirit. The need to be free; in body, mind, soul and expression.

His lyrics are crystal clear, accessible to the masses but the inspiration from which they came are multifaceted and deep within our collective experience as human beings. There are few words, if any, to accurately describe his contribution to our world. We see many parallels between his times and ours; his mind and ours. The compulsion to speak up for those who have been marginalized, to seek justice for our fellow man. The desire for all of us to lead productive, happy lives. The innate human need to be free. Woody crafted these ideals into song and shared them with all who would listen and as Cass points out, sometimes we aren’t ready to hear what wisdom offers – but when the time comes, its like a freight train. It heads up the track with rumbles and roars changing our view with streaks of steam and hard crafted steel, every cell in our body vibrating anew ever so slightly, but enough to know there is something else, something better. Something deep in our hearts greater than fear or sorrow or remorse.


We stand next to the train in this episode. Give Woody a listen, maybe you’re ready for what he has to say, hopefully we all are.

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  • Cass edits our cast
  • Doug soundifies our cast
  • Quinn musics our cast
  • Kim bloggs it
  • Woody inspires it

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