Episode 54 – Don’t Kill My Neurogenesis!


“You’re Killing brain cells!” They told us. “You’ll never get them back!” They said. Well, we did kill some brain cells in our youth but we now know that we can grow more and probably were growing more back then and we can still grow more today. YAY!!! 

Scientists once believed that Neurogenesis only occurred in utero but new studies have revealed that humans, in fact all mammals, are capable of growing brand spankin’ new brain neurons throughout our lives. Some activities promote this process, others inhibit it. This week the Curios explore ways we can change our brains for the better or worse depending on our habits.

Diet is a big player across the board, which isn’t much of a surprise. Red wine, chocolate, blueberries, whole grains and crunchy foods stimulate brain growth as well as aerobic exercise, especially running. Oh, how we wish we were runners! But when we are sedentary, eat poorly and consume too much alcohol, neurons begin to wither and don’t regenerate. So, get out there and run, meditate, drink a little red wine, have some chocolate and grow some new neurons!

We also talk about new research regarding psychedelics and Neurogenesis – it comes to light that all those brain cell killing activities in our 20’s may not have been so bad after all.

Tune in to our latest and find out how to sow those neuro seeds.


  • Editing – Cantankerous Cass
  • Mic – The Amazing Mr. Doug
  • Music – The Mightiest of Quinns
  • Blog – Tornado Commons Kim

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