Episode 53 – Manliness is a Warm Gun


Happy Birthday Cass!

We celebrate with Nanny, a flourless chocolate cake, some chianti, chocolate wine, and a little chit chat about America’s favorite phallic alternative – guns.

The second amendment was designed to give American citizens the ability to defend their communities from the real dangers of colonial life; invading armies, native people (cringe) and the prospect of a tyrannical government. Oh, how things have changed. Our relationship with guns has morphed into something else we can’t quite put our finger on. Is it identity? The need for power? Protection from…???

As of 2017, roughly 393,347,000 civilian firearms were tallied in the U.S. and those are just the ones that were documented. We have more guns than citizens! Alabama, Alaska and Arizona have the highest number of firearm fatalities and also the most lax gun laws in the country. Federal gun laws are pretty solid but some state’s laws are almost nonexistent (looking at you, Alabama). In these states just about anyone can walk into their local Walmart and pick up a lethal weapon with no background checks, license, registration or training. How can this be?! Mattresses, baby food, pets, and of course women’s bodies are more regulated than guns.

We discuss the social implications of gun ownership, rabbit hole into abortion, religion and the need for humans to feel safe, cared for and valued in the workplace. It all seems to be related in a spiderwebby way.

  • Curio editor extraordinaire and birthday girl – Cass
  • Mic man – Doug
  • Music maker – Quinn
  • Bloginator – Kim

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