Episode 55 – Kraft Singles and Wine Go Through Me Like Shit Through a Christmas Elk!


Tonight we digested current events with Bad Libs, a discussion about the immigrant children at the Clint Texas border station and the mind boggling desire to support President Trump. What is happening to our country?! I know, it sounds redundant; a question we’ve been asking for the past two and a half years but still – what is happening to our country?! It feels like.we are descending into the deepest, rankest parts of history and repeating it. The corruption and disregard for human rights are things we thought our country was fighting against but now it seems we are proponents for, or rather the Trump administration is a proponent for. The U.S.A. Is in a downward spiral, no longer a beacon of hope and justice but black hole of destruction and yes, I’ll say it – EVIL. Children treated like animals, an administration hellbent on the degradation of basic human rights, civil rights and unity. When will we need an intervention from foreign governments? Is there any hope?

Of course there is! Humans are made to have hope, too bad our government isn’t – at least not anymore.

We also chat about Trump’s tuxedo and the implied undergarments needed to squeeze him into it and the lifts he wears in his shoes. A little catty, but whatever. 

Singing, laughing and a couple of guests by the name of Tom Collins appear.

  • Master of edits – Cass
  • Master of Mics – Doug
  • Master of Music – Quinn
  • Master of Blogs – Kim


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