Episode 51 – And Now Back To your Regularly Scheduled Programming

This week Beck joins us in a little experiment. We set our screens as aside for 24 hours just to see what it felt like, or rather, remember what it felt like. You see, back in the old days there were no home computers and smart phones. Somehow we got along just fine but now having the world at our fingertips raises the question, is it really the world we hold in our hand or just a grip full of distraction.

We discover how dependent we’ve become on our little devices; from music to recipes, to the time, date, and weather. Our lives are steeped in screendom for good or bad.

We tease out the conundrum of connection in screen land, are we more connected or less? Facebook keeps us in touch with those we would’ve lost touch with years ago, but there’s really no substitute for being face to face, looking each other in the eye and sharing fart pianos together. And the occasional glass of wine or herbal remedy. *wink wink*

In the spirit of togetherness the Curios are planning a Postcard Parlor night where some real live people will gather together in the same room and write postcards to our favorite and not so favorite political players. You’re all invited! We’ll provide snacks, stamps and cards, you just bring your sassy selves and all the bottled up angst you’ve been saving up. We just can’t sit around airing our grievances on Facebook and Twitter anymore. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!

So, join us on June 7 at 7pm, either in person or with your own group of sassy cohorts to draft heartfelt salutations on behalf of our democracy, our sanity and the country we love.

Send us an email and we’ll hook you up with the location. We’d love to share our fart piano with you because….

…..Curio Podcast Loves You!


Edit Master Cass

Musical Genius Quinn

Mic Maestro Doug

Word Wrangler Kim

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