Episode 50 – CannaBitchfest

Our friend Kathy joins us to untease current events. There is so much going on in the U.S. right now. I know, This could be said every day. We are reaching a boiling point both individually and as a nation. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

Kathy shares some coping mechanisms, not the least of which is keeping our vibrations high – and boy howdy we did our best in this episode. She also recounts a story about some snark she witnessed while shopping, how she worked it out and her plan for combatting small acts of tyranny in her day to day doings.

Rabbit holes are everywhere in this herb-infused Bitchfest. Fortunately Kathy kept a conversation map in her head so we were able to stay on topic – kind of. Cass did some big time editing so this episode has been pared down to an easily digestible 43 min. A concise chunk of our 2.5 hours together.

Some post studio thoughts:

– Keep vibrations high. Put all the good stuff we got into the world. Hope.

– Take a mental break when it all get to be too much.

– Take action. Whether it’s standing up for a stranger, wishing peace and clarity for your adversaries or writing government officials.

-Connect, connect, connect! Be with the people you love and respect, be in their presence, break bread together, canna-nize together – have FUN!

– Don’t forget your coupons when shopping at Blood Bath and Beyond.


Thanks for listening!

Mics – Doug

Editing – Cass

Music – Quinn

Blog- Kim

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