Episode 48 – The Emperor Has No Corn, A Discussion About Magical Thinking

Suits of invisibility. Deities who grant cars to the pious. Omens. Tarot cards. Rituals. Cancer causing windmills.

This week the Curios explore magical thinking. It’s not just about finding ways of explaining the unexplainable or forsaking the truth for convenience. It has a lot to do with brain chemistry and how to keep society in line.

Cass digs into the brain science of it all, exploring magical thinking in adults who suffer from a range of emotional and mental eccentricities. Jean Piaget coined the term magical thinking in relation to children who typically outgrow that stage of development at about age seven. In adults, it is usually referred to in cases of OCD but as we find out it can manifest in bipolar, depression, and anxiety. Thanks, dopamine.

Kim tackles the social implications of magical thinking; how it is used by politicians and religious leaders to create order and control. Historically is seems to ebb and flow as the need arises and undoubtedly is keenly linked to fear in conjunction with a hierarchical way of thinking. I know, it sounds very rabbit-holey, but bear with us while we hash it out, it’s quite fascinating!

Ziggy’s got the spring fever – he chimes in while seeking treats and romantic liaisons with Vespa.

Cass tells a childhood story.

Tarot cards are consulted.

Singing is sung.

Join us while we perform our weekly ritual of curiosity and remember:


Music by Quinn, editing by Cass, mic wrangling by Doug, blog by Kim. This podcast doesn’t happen by magic, dontchaknow.

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