Episode 47 – Bad Libs, Version: Infinity

This week we unpack the recent political events in a most innocuous way – with Bad Libs.

Our anxiety levels are high. Hoping for some semblance of hope after the Mueller Report was released, we’ve been dashed to the rocks. More turmoil, more insanity, more subpoenas. It’s too much. A little comedic relief is in order.

Captain Bananas has had busy fingers these last 24 hours; his tweets have become harbingers of insanity and have illustrated his hopes of becoming a bona fide authoritarian dictator. Which isn’t far off – he exemplifies a phallus ruling an army of spud-brained followers. What are they thinking? How could any American embrace his blatant lies and ill conceived ideas in the 21st century? Are we going back in time? Have we forsaken the treasures of the past in lieu of greed and ignorance in the present?

Kim brought her trusty Tarot deck of yore and we picked cards for ourselves and Spud Master T. Cass picks the Emperor, Kim picks the eight of wands and the card we picked for Trump was the five of pentacles. POVERTY. Which is what his doctored up tax returns just might reveal. A poor, old, hamberder eating liar. With bad hair and no soul. Champion of the potato brained. Czar of monkey butts. A morally impoverished ruler of tubers, multiplying his lies in the fertile soil of desperation.

Also, please get your measles vaccine. It’s not going to hurt you, well, it will for a second, but it will be worth it in the long run. For everyone, we promise.

Music by Quinn.

Editing by Cass.

Dog sounds by Ziggy.


Remember, Curio Podcast Loves you!

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