Episode 41 – We’ve got the Pink Tax Blues

I know what you’re thinking, this is about tampons and pads.


This is about a myriad of products and services; from laxatives to interest rates, women pay more.

Cass throws down some hard facts and data about just how much more we pay for the same goods and services than men do in conjunction with the fact that women are typically paid LESS for the same jobs. This is a systematic spider web of inequality and we suspect it’s woven by the predominantly male ‘decision makers” in our economy.

Why? Is it the assumption that men won’t pay higher prices for certain goods? Is it male privilege? Are women considered to be more vain (because we are broadly taught that our looks are our greatest asset) and will pay more for say, shampoo, deodorant, hair dye, clothes? Are we a greater liability to insurers and loan peddlers because we have uteruses and compromised paychecks? Why do insurance companies cover Viagra but have the choice to deny birth control? W.T.F?!!!

Kim did some post podcast research into gender neutral personal care products and discovered that they are even MORE expensive. What the actual f-word? Marketers spend an enormous amount of money and time studying what sells and to whom and why. It is their job to promote products for the highest profit. It’s what they do. They are concerned with trends, demographics and product loyalty. They count on us to incorporate what we buy into our sense of identity. We live in an age where we are defined as consumers before anything else, and what we consume becomes the vision of ourselves in society.

The good news is, we have a voice and it sound like the beep of a store scanner. We can teach our girls to bust out of the pastel pink box of inequality women have come to believe define them and speak with our dollars. Just For Men beard dye – it works for eyebrows too. Men’s deodorant works better, so why not use it? Razors are razors. Baby girls don’t care what color their toys are, buy them the blue one it will be less expensive. Let them pick their clothes, steer clear of gender defining ANYTHING. Resist consumer manipulation. Pay attention instead of paying more.

Challenge the system, be a honey badger instead of an ostrich. Know who you are and not who they want you to be.

check it out here!




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