Episode 40 – Battle of the Scandals

Many comparisons have been made between the Watergate scandal and the shenanigans of the Trump administration and his family. We can’t even think of a pithy catchphrase for the evil clown circus of greed and corruption that currently defines the Executive branch of American government.  Trump gate? The Fake President Scandal? The Witchhunt Regatta? The Corruption Puppets of Putin? Such a great opportunity for wordsmithing but when it comes down to it, Trump’s social, financial and ethical “faux pas” are so numerous they infect every aspect of his presidency and family. There seems to be no possible way to condense his heinous-ness into some cheeky catchphrase – except maybe Shitshow 45, and that just wouldn’t be embraced by the media.

Nanny joins us to discuss the similarities and differences between Watergate and Shitshow 45 (I’m just gonna roll with it). She was a young mother in the early 70’s and her her perspective is quite fascinating. Remember folks, there was no internet back then, all news came from newspapers and the nightly news which aside from the tabloid rags were very much credible. No social media, no real-time tweets or commentary. Just   real journalists with real ethics.

One thing Nanny said that gave me hope was that she remembered the country recovering quickly from the watergate scandal. The U.S. was in a a tumultuous period in her young history. The social landscape was rapidly changing from the bland grasslands of conformity of the 1950’s to the dynamic peaks and valleys of social justice of the late mid century. The complacency of the grasslands were being challenged by the lofty ideals of equality, fairness, and accountability.  We may be beginning the cycle again as SS 45 unsheathes the tender underbelly of the greedy beast we call government. Hopefully we can recover as quickly as we did in the 70’s but in the age of “information” that remains to be seen, only time will tell.

Nixon looks like a bumbling, paranoid yokel compared to SS 45. They both shared the drive and ethical wasteland of pompous self concept but Nixon lacked the sense of entitlement that keeps SS 45 firmly lodged in his swamp of delusion. Like narcissus, he stares at his reflection in the mire believing the mountaintop is his own without ever treading beyond the illusion.

Also, he’s an idiot. At least Nixon TRIED to hide his crime. SS 45 tweets them, for all to see – at least those who have their eyes open.

Check out our chitchat here:


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