Episode 35 – Let Them Eat Loans

This week the Curios talk about Wilbur Ross and the recent indictment of Roger Stone. Also, Cass peals off a riff that just might become the real, bona fide, Curio theme song.

Stay tuned!

Wilbur suggested that the government workers who had been unpaid for weeks, just go get a loan – an interest bearing loan, that is. We discuss his naked ignorance regarding the reality of the average American worker. Why he believes these unpaid federal employees should pay interest on a loan to compensate for unpaid wages do to the government’s negligence is beyond our comprehension. On the heels of that discussion, we dig into Roger Stone, a staunch supporter of the Republican party from way back. A self proclaimed “dirty trickster” Stone has built his career on the Machiavellian model. He loves the spotlight, admits to nothing, seeks to divide and revels in the rankest muck and mire politics has to offer. He’s also a maniacal Nixon fan, in fact, he has a tattoo of Tricky Dick’s face on his back and a portrait of him above his bed. He is a modern caricature of Mr. Potter, complete with three-piece, pin-stripped suits and top hats, but with an extra dose of evil.  Trump caught his eye in the 1980’s and Stone made it his mission to put him in the white house. His dream came true in 2016 with a little help from the Russians and since he has coached #45 in the ways of dirty politics. Trump has embraced Stone’s unscrupulous ways, even firing him for hogging the spotlight but they still share mutual admiration and Stone is still in witchy-poo’s ear, like a trained monkey flinging sociopathic advice into the rank, empty expanse that is Trump’s mind. While Trump was screaming “Witch Hunt!” on Twitter, his top hat wearing lackey was being arrested and charged with one count of obstruction, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering. Stone is pleading not guilty, as always. Let’s hope the FBI  has the goods to put Stone in his place – a cage.

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